The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, November 23, 1999, at 2:15 p.m. in the U.C. Concho Room.  President Robert E. Witt presided.

ATTENDANCE:  Dean Ron Bailey, Professors Rebecca Deen and Greg Frazier, and Director of Libraries Tom Wilding were excused.  Deans Carolyn Barros, Jeanne Gerlach, Santos Hernandez and Lee Wright, Professors Don McConnell, Michael Moore, Craig Slinkman and Tom Watts, and Student Congress representative Sharon Smith were absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of the October 5 meeting were approved as distributed.

REPORT OF THE ACADEMIC STANDARDS COMMITTEE: Professor Syed Qasim presented two proposals which were both approved by the Assembly:   (1) An increase in the TASP Reading score requirement for admission to UTA's teacher certification program from the current 230 to at least 270 which should increase the performance of our graduates on the state's teacher licensing examination (EXCET); and (2) A revision to the eligibility requirements for the Early Admission Program to include high school juniors and increase the minimum SAT score to 1000 (from 900) or ACT score to 21 (from 19).  Carol Nobles, Director of Admissions, requested that the Early Admission Program revision not be effective until Fall of 2000, because high schools across the state are already advising their students using the current policy.  President Witt said that the Office of Admissions will be notified well before the new requirements are implemented, but they may take place by the summer session.

REPORT OF THE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE: Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Peggy Quinn, presented the following proposals:

Two dual degree programs for the College of Science and the College of Business Administration:

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Health Care Administration

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Business Administration

College of Science Assistant Dean, Ed Morton explained that this proposal will be reviewed by the Graduate Assembly in February.  Professor Harrison stated that several Marketing Department faculty have concerns about this and requested that the proposal be tabled until the entire College of Business Administration could fully review it.  Professor Morton recommended that the undergraduate portion of the proposal be approved by the Undergraduate Assembly now with the stipulation that the College of Business Administration have time before the February Graduate Assembly meeting to make desired revisions to the graduate portion.  President Witt added that, if the Graduate Assembly proposes changes, the proposal would be brought back to the Undergraduate Assembly.  The Assembly agreed to this, and the proposal was approved.

Proposals from Student Enrollment Services:

Award credit from military services schools and become a member of the Military Con-App Program

Associate Vice President Jerry Smith explained that currently UTA does not allow collegiate credit the American Council on Education recommends for a significant number of courses taken in military schools.  Area competitive universities which do grant this credit include U.T. Austin, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and the University of North Texas.  Dr. Smith proposed that UTA grant credit with or without a cap, but at least 21 hours, so that we may better recruit students who have military service.  The Assembly approved granting credit without a cap according to the ACE recommendations, which also would allow UTA to be in the Con-App network.  This program places military recruits in line with a college or university for regular enrollment after completion of his/her military commitment.

Suggested list of courses to satisfy the social/cultural studies degree requirement:

The listed courses were recommendations from campus departments.Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Dana Dunn stated that if approved, the list would be distributed to all units, allowing additions to be made.  It is necessary to have an approved list at this time for degree audit programming that is currently underway. The list of courses was approved by the Assembly.

Course changes for Fall 2000:  The following changes were approved:


Department of Accounting


ACCT  3315  Principles of Federal Income Tax


ACCT  4192  Professional Orientation

ACCT  4315  Personal Financial and Estate Planning

ACCT  4335  Accounting Systems Design and Implementation


Department of Communication

CHANGE IN CATALOG TEXT: Change in text to reflect university core requirements.

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

CHANGE IN CATALOG TEXT:   Change in text to more accurately describe major core requirements and electives.


CRCJ 2350 Introduction to Law Enforcement

Department of Foreign Languages

CHANGE IN CATALOG TEXT:   Change in text to reflect university's change in natural science requirements.


SPAN 3304 Spanish for Heritage Speakers

GERM 3312 Advanced German Grammar

Mexican American Studies


MAS 3330 Cultural Diversity and Identity (cross-listing with ANTH 3330)

MAS 4319 Politics of Mexican Americans (cross-listing with POLS 4319)

Department of Political Science


POLS 4319 Politics of Mexican Americans (cross-listing with MAS 4319)

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

CHANGE IN CATALOG TEXT:   To reflect addition of new courses and deletion of course to active course inventory.


SOCI  1315  Sociology Computer Fundamentals

SOCI  3105  Social Research Lab

SOCI  3318  Self and Social Identity

SOCI  4370  Senior Research Seminar


SOCI  3305  Introduction to Social Research

SOCI  3352  Social Statistics

SOCI  3355  Computer Applications in the Social Sciences


SOCI  4331  Personality and Social Context

Department of Anthropology


ANTH  4306  Human Osteology

ANTH  4393  Internship in Anthropology


ANTH  2307  Biological Anthropology

ANTH  2322  Global Cultures

ANTH  3309  Human Evolution

ANTH 3313  Primate Evolution and Behavior

ANTH  3330  Cultural Diversity and Identity

ANTH  3343  Human Ecology

ANTH  4305  Methods in Biological Anthropology

ANTH 4307 Forensic Anthropology


ANTH  4303  Geoarchaeology

Department of Theatre Arts


THEA 2309  Script Analysis


Department of Biology


BIOL 1450  Computer Literacy in Biology

BIOL  3388  Medical Techniques

Department of Geology


GEOL  3100  Professional Orientation

GEOL  3313  Outdoor Geology

GEOL  4190  Geoscience Internship



NURS 4225 & 4281  Professional Nursing Seminar


NURS 4381 Professional Nursing Seminar V


NURS  3342  Conceptual Foundations for Professional Nursing

NURS  4655  Cultural Variation in Health Care

OTHER BUSINESS:  There was no other business.

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT:  President Witt reported that enrollment for Spring is looking very promising and enrollment increases are projected at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. A recruiting trip to Malaysia, Thailand and other countries has produced several Spring Semester 2000 applications. The bookstore construction is ahead of schedule, and we will probably begin moving books and materials into the second floor well before Christmas. Although the residence hall is slightly behind schedule, adjustments have been made to put construction back on track in the near future. The University led all public and private universities in the metroplex in terms of ATARP grants from the state. We continue to experience growth in externally funded research.  We have had several success stories reflecting effort on the part of all colleges and schools to look for creative ways to generate support in all areas.

Parliamentarian Mary Ridgway informed the Assembly that "Robert's Rules of Order" have not changed since 1990.  President Robert Witt remarked that is because he has not had time to revise them.

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.