The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, at 2:15 p.m. in the U.C. Concho Room. President Robert E. Witt presided.

ATTENDANCE. Provost George C. Wright, Vice President Mary Ridgway, Professors Rasika Dias, David Harrison, and Harry Reeder, and Director of Libraries Tom Wilder were excused. Dean Bill Carroll and Professors Jennifer Gray, Fred MacDonnell, Lynn Peterson, K. Jaime Rogers, and Craig Slinkman were absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES. The minutes of the November 23 meeting were approved as distributed.

REPORT OF THE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE. Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Peggy Quinn, presented the following catalog text and course changes which were approved by the Undergraduate Assembly:


Department of Art

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Computer and Oral Competency Statement


ART 1301 Introduction to Art
ART 2308 Drawing Concepts
ART 2358 Introduction to Film/Video
ART 4358 Change to ART 3357
ART 3358 Intermediate Film/Video
ART 4350 Documentary Film/Video
ART 4351 Commercial Film/Video
ART 4352 Narrative Film/Video
ART 4360 Color Photography
ART 4361 Animation Techniques
ART 4362 Advanced Film/Video
ART 4397 Special Studies in Film/Video

Department of Communication

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Computer and Oral Competency Statements

Submission of Syllabi for Departmental Courses Meeting Computer Competency Requirements

COMM 2300 and 3303
JOUR 1345
PREL 3339
ADVT 3304 and 3305
Submission of Syllabi for Departmental Courses Meeting Oral Competency Requirements

SPCH 1301, 2305, 3302, 3315, and 4315
ADVT 4301
PREL 4316
BCMN 1355


COMM 3301 Website Communication
COMM 4307 Internet Graphics Communication


COMM 3300 Communication Technology
ADVT 4301 Advertising Campaigns

Criminology and Criminal Justice Program

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Computer and Oral Competency Statements
Revision of Fine Arts and Science Requirements

Department of English

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Fine Arts and Science Requirements
Revision of Computer and Oral Competency Statements


ENGL 3344 Native American Literature
ENGL 3345 African-American Literature
ENGL 3346 Mexican-American Literature
ENGL 4330 Advanced Literary Writing


ENGL 3375 Literary Writing
ENGL 3385 Special Topics in Rhetoric
ENGL 4371 Argumentative Writing


ENGL 3343 Ethnic American Literature

Department of Foreign Languages

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Science Requirements
Revision of Fine Arts and Philosophy Requirements

Department of History

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Science and Fine Arts Requirements

Linguistics Program


ESOL 4300 Academic Writing
ESOL 4301 Academic Presentation Skills

Center for Mexican American Studies

Catalog Text Changes

Clarification of focus of minor


MAS 2300 Introduction to Mexican American Studies
MAS 4300 Mexican American Studies Research Seminar

Department of Music

Catalog Text Changes

Requirements for All-Level Instrumental Option
Requirements for Secondary Instrumental Option
Requirements for Performance or Theory/Composition
Revision of Science Requirements
Courses Meeting Computer Competency Requirements


MUSI 2302 Music Literature

Department of Philosophy and Humanities

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of text to reflect changes suggested by the Program Review Committee
Revision of Computer and Oral Competency Requirements


CLAS 4394 Senior Thesis
LATN 4301 Intensive Latin for Reading
LATN 4302 Intensive Latin for Reading II
LATN 4335 Topics in Latin Literature
PHIL 3307 Seminar in Research Methods and Philosophical Writing
PHIL 4387 Topics in Value Theory


CLAS 1300 Introduction to Classical Mythology
CLAS 2307 Women in the Ancient World
CLAS 3310 Introduction to Greek Civilization
CLAS 3320 Introduction to Roman Civilization
CLAS 3323 Topics in Classical Mythology
CLAS 4335 Topics in Classical Studies
PHIL 2300 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 4394 Senior Thesis

Department of Political Science

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Science Requirements
Revision of Requirements within the Degree Programs
Revision to Reflect University Changes in Science Core
Revision of Requirements for International Studies Option
Courses Meeting Computer Competency Requirements


POLS 4101 Moot Court
POLS 4314 Separation of Powers
POLS 4316 Women in the Political Process
POLS 4329 Contemporary Controversies in Political Theory
POLS 4334 Presidential Foreign Policy Making


POLS 4310 The Middle East Regional Subsystem
POLS 4311 Political Economy in the Third World

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Catalog Text Changes

Revision of Fine Arts and Philosophy Requirements

Submission of Syllabi for Departmental Course (3341) Meeting Computer and Oral Competency Requirements


SOCI 3315 Social Psychology of Crime

Theatre Arts Program

Catalog Text Changes

Clarify Requirements
Add Oral and Computer Competency Requirements
Delete B.A. Program and Add Emphasis to B.F.A. Program


THEA 2309 Script Analysis


THEA 1302 Vocal Fundamentals
THEA 1303 Perf. Funds. I: Voice and Movement
THEA 2306 Craft of Costume
THEA 3301 Scene Design
THEA 3304 Stagecraft II
THEA 3320 Playwriting
THEA 3341 Acting III: Scene Study
THEA 3346 Stage Combat
THEA 4300 Directing II
THEA 4302 Stage Management and Theatre Admin.
THEA 4308 Acting for Camera
THEA 4391 Conference Course
THEA 4393 Special Topics


THEA 1305 Introduction to Theatre Design
THEA 3302 Stage Management
THEA 4309 Dramatic Theory

Women's Studies Program


WOMS 4316 Women in the Political Process



NURS 3355 Health Care Systems

Professor Quinn presented a revised list of courses to satisfy the Fine Arts and Social/Cultural requirements. The attached list of courses was approved by the Assembly.

Professor Quinn also presented the following departmental name change proposal:

Request for Departmental Name Change


The faculty of the Department of Exercise, Sport and Health Studies voted unanimously to request a departmental name change to the Department of Kinesiology. The rationale for the name change is as follows:


1.Kinesiology is the study of movement. The term is also defined in the dictionary as "the science dealing with the interrelationship of the physiological processes and anatomy of the human body with respect to movement." Kinesiology is derived from the Greek words--kinein (to move) and logus (to discourse).


2.The six criteria for the name listed in the Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Journal are as follows (paraphrased):

a. Easily recognizable

b. Imply an academic program

c. Be one or two words

d. Be general enough to cover our numerous professional areas

e. Be general enough to allow different academic strategies

f. Be sufficiently unique

3. The term, Kinesiology, is the name utilized by 16 of the 21 former Departments of Physical Education of Texas State Universities (1998survey).


There currently are five (5) academic class prefixes in our department. Those five prefixes are as follows:


Lecture classes: EXSS, HEED, DNCD

Activity classes: EXSA, DNCA

The consensus of opinion was to propose changing only the EXSS prefix to KINE (or KINS or KNES). The other four prefixes would remain as they are currently listed.

Exercise, Sport and Health Studies Chair, Barry McKeown stated that he felt the name change would have no effect on the coaching and officiating portion of the program. The Assembly voted to approve the name change.

OTHER BUSINESS. There was no other business.

President Witt commented that the Regents meeting went well for UTA with $16.2 million in PUF funding approved. A Master's Degree in Music Program was also approved by the Regents, and we are very optimistic about final approval at the Coordinating Board's next meeting.

He said rapid progress is being made on the new residence hall, and the new bookstore is open.

President Witt stated that he feels it is time for the Academic Standards Committee to revisit the question of undergraduate admission standards with a view toward possibly increasing the standards, probably effective Fall 2001. This campus is blessed with a large body of excellent students and a reputation that has grown considerably. We have demonstrated that the quality of this University is such that even with increased admission standards, we have been able to increase our enrollment. He feels that another increase in admission standards will send a powerful signal to the outside academic community regarding the quality of student we are interested in. Equally higher admission standards will improve retention rates. President Witt will send a memo to the Academic Standards Committee asking that this issue be placed on their agenda.

ADJOURNMENT. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.