The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, at 2:15 p.m. in the U.C. Concho Room. President Robert E. Witt presided.

ATTENDANCE. Professors Greg Frazier, David Harrison, John Jacobson, and Harry Reederwere excused. Deans Jeanne Gerlach, Santos Hernandez, Lee Wright, Professors Craig Slinkman, Donald Wilson, and Student Representative Michelle Kaumeyer were absent.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES. The minutes of the February 15 meeting were approved as distributed.

REPORT OF THE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE. Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Peggy Quinn, presented proposals as follows:


A new Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with Early Childhood/Bilingual Education Certification program was proposed. There was a question about the 14-hour language requirement and how language skills would continue to be developed for functioning in a bilingual classroom. There are two additional courses taught in Spanish to help with this as well as a requirement that students be proficient in Spanish. Dean Ruth Gross asked that the title of the program be changed to include "Spanish/English." The recommended science courses were discussed; it was decided to leave the wording as is since Biology and Geology are merely recommendations while other science courses would be accepted. The social/cultural recommendation was discussed, and there was a request to include other courses in addition to the one listed as a recommendation. It was agreed that friendly amendments would be made to include a statement to clarify that bilingual proficiency will be obtained, to add the specification of "Spanish/English" in the program title, and to add more recommended courses to the social/cultural studies requirement. Dean Gross recommended that there be close contact between the Department of Foreign Languages and the School of Education in developing bilingual education programs in the future. The proposed certification program with the friendly amendments was approved.


Prefix change request: From EDUC 4201 Technology Applications to EDTC 4201, due to restructuring of the school necessitating clarification and classification of technology courses. The Assembly approved this prefix change.


Department of Geology

The following four new BS degree options for the Geology Department were approved

-Environmental Science Option
-Professional Option
-Geographic Information Systems Option
-Certificate in Spatial Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems Minor

Also proposed was an Engineering Geology Option. Dean Bill Carroll stated that there are state regulations and requirements for use of the word "engineering," and he would prefer to have further consideration before approving this option. This proposal was tabled for further review.

The following course changes, additions and deletions were presented to and approved by the Assembly:


INTS 2301 Interdisciplinary Perspectives
INTS 4393 Interdisciplinary Capstone Projects


NURS 3357 Genetics and Nursing
NURS 3356 Nursing Care at the End of Life

Change (to add prerequisite - "Completion of Computer Technology Skills CE course or permission of instructor" to each course description)

NURS 3352 The Legacy of the Family
NURS 4321 Nursing Research
NURS 3355 Health Care Systems


Department of Geology

GEOL4352 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems to GEOL 4330Understanding Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 3303 Volcanoes and Volcanic Eruptions to GEOL 3403 Volcanoes and Volcanic Processes
GEOL 3302 Dinosauria to GEOL 3402 Dinosaurs
GEOL 3304 Geologic Hazards to GEOL 2404 Geologic Hazards
GEOL 3306 Geologic Time and the Fossil Record to GEOL 2405 History of Life and Geologic Time
GEOL 3307 Geology and Energy Resources to GEOL 2406 Natural Resources
GEOL 3308 Geology of National Parks and Monuments to GEOL 2408 Geology of National Parks and Monuments
GEOL 3309 Landscape Evolution to GEOL 2409 The Earth's Landforms
GEOL 3310 Planetary Geology to GEOL 2410 Planetary Geology
GEOL 3311 Global Environmental Issues to GEOL 2411 Global Environmental Issues
GEOL 3312 Geology of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to GEOL 2413 Environmental Geology of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

GEOL 4331 Analysis of Spatial Data
GEOL 4332 Global Positioning Systems
GEOL 4333 Acquisition and Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data
GEOL 4334 Geographic Data Analysis Project

GEOL 3183 Dinosauria Laboratory
GEOL 1465 The Earth's Landforms
GEOL 1435 Introduction to Physical Geology
GEOL 1436 Introduction to Historical Geology

OTHER BUSINESS. There was no other business.

President Witt had no remarks, but opened the floor for questions. Dean Neal Smatresk asked if there were any details regarding admission standards changes to which President Witt replied that he hopes to have something for review early in the fall. Dean Smatresk suggested that any changes be provided to the Arlington Independent School District in time for publication in their brochure.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.