The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, February 4, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Rio Grande B.  Provost George C. Wright presided.






George C. Wright

Robert E. Witt

Tom Chrzanowski

Pam Haws

Carolyn Barros

Richard Cole

Michael Moore

Susan Grove

William Dillon

Evan Anders

Kevin Gustafson

Richard Dodge

Cathy Canaday (substitute)

Santos Hernandez

D.L. Hawkins

Bill Carroll

Jeannine Hirtle

Don McConnell

Jinny Choi

K. Jamie Rogers

Pablo Pastrana-Perez

Tom Christie (substitute)

Alisa White

Karl Petruso

Kaushik De (substitute)


Debra Woody

Chris Featherstone



Peggy Forsberg



Greg Frazier



Aris Freeman



Bernard Frye



Perry Fuchs



Jeanne Gerlach



Melinda Hiemenz



Dan Himarios



Peter Lehmann (substitute)



Merlynd Nestell



Becky Pierce Hall



Elizabeth Poster



Syed R. Qasim



Steve Quevedo



Guisette Salazar



Craig Slinkman



Neal Smatresk



Patricia Turpin



Lorraine van Waasbergen



Tom Watts



Tom Wilding



Kai Yeung



Abu Yilla




Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the December 3, 2002 meeting were approved as distributed.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Committee Chair Lynn Peterson presented the following proposals, which were approved by the Assembly:





ADD:              BIOL               2460                Nursing Microbiology

                        PSYC              3319                Psychology of Adolescence

                        BIOL               4353                SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)



                        BIOL               3142                Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience

                        PSYC              3142                Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience



                        BIOL               3322                Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

                        PSYC              3322                Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

                                                                        (formerly PSYC 4322)


                        PSYC              3355                Internship in Psychology

                        BIOL               4301                Advanced Neuroscience

                        PSYC              4301                Advanced Neuroscience

                        PSYC              4303                Pain Research and Management



                        BIOL               4309                Neuropharmacology

                        PSYC              4302                Neuropharmacology


                        BIOL               4322                Environmental Risk Assessment

                                                                        (Cross-listed with EVSE 5322)


                        SCIE                4325                Women in Science


                        GEOL              4330                Understanding Geographic Information Systems

                        GEOL              4331                Analysis of Spatial Data

                        GEOL              4332                Global Positioning Systems

                        GEOL              4333                Remote Sensing Fundamentals


CHANGE:       MATH             4411                Simulation of Random Processes

                                                                        (from 3-2 to 4-0, eliminating lab)


DELETE:        BIOL               2311                Man and Environment

                        BIOL               3351                Microbial Metabolism

                        BIOL               3388                Medical Techniques




ADD:              EDUC              4325                Women in Science

                        BEEP              4305                Linguistics for Bilingual/ESL Teachers

                        BEEP              4311                Math and Science in Dual Language Settings

                        BEEP              4319                Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

                                                                        Students in EC-4 Settings

                        BEEP              4314                Creative Arts and Social Studies in Dual Language Settings

                        ETDC              4301                Tech Applications for the Classroom


CHANGE:       BEEP              4382                Literacy Instruction in Spanish for the Bilingual Classroom

                        READ             4343                Content Area Reading and Writing

                        READ             4373                Literacy Learning in the Elementary School:

                                                                        Reading and Writing

                        READ             4374                Literacy Learning in the Elementary School:

                                                                        Literature and Language

                        READ             4376                Assessment in Literacy Learning

                        ETDC              4201                Technology Applications


DELETE:        KINE               4222

                        BEEP              4383                Teaching Content Areas in Spanish


Department of Kinesiology


Changes in BA All Level Teaching Degree to meet changes mandated for teacher education—some existing courses were added to degree to meet EXCET and NCATE requirements.  Since students are teaching in schools as part of the elementary and secondary methods teaching courses (KINE 4320 and 4321), students only needed a 6 hour teaching residency (KINE 4647) to meet the required number of student teaching hours required for certification.  Degree also allows for a second concentration area.




ADD:              COLA              1100                Introduction to Liberal Arts


Department of Communication


DELETE:        JOUR              3335                Student Publication Advisory Procedures

                        JOUR              3350                Magazine Writing and Editing


Department of Military Science


CHANGE:       MILS               4341                Advanced Leadership I

                        MILS               4342                Advanced Leadership II

                        MILS               2352                Individual/Team Military Tactics

                        MILS               1242                Introduction to Leadership

                        MILS               1241                Introduction to ROTC and the University

                        MILS               3341                Leadership I

                        MILS               3342                Leadership II

                        MILS               2351                Self/Team Development


Department of Modern Languages


DELETE:        (Cross-listed)

                        RUSS              4363                Special Topics in Russian and Euro-Asian Studies

                        RUSS              4364                The Sino-Russian Relationship

                        RUSS              4387                Communism and Political Development


Department of Philosophy and Humanities


Move Catalog Material:            Humanities


ADD:              HUMA            3340                Topics in Humanities


Move catalog Material:           PHIL                Interdisciplinary Research Methods

                                                PHIL                Culture

                                                PHIL                Social and Political Theory


Change Catalog Material:        PHIL                Topics in Humanities


DELETE:        PHIL                3315                Oriental Philosophy and Religion

                        PHIL                4318                Philosophy and Literature


Department of Political Science


Change Catalog Material:        POLS               Remove 4392 and 4395 and updating Soc/Cultural

                                                POLS               Updating Social cultural for Prelaw Option

                                                POLS               Updating Social Cultural for Policy/Pub Admn

                                                POLS               Updating Social Cultural for International Stud.


Department of Sociology and Anthropology


DELETE:        ANTH             2301                Meeting the New Millennium: Anthropology of the Future

                        ANTH             3323                Folk and Peasant Societies

                        ANTH             3346                Cultures of the American Southwest

                        SOCI               3322                Family Violence

                        SOCI               3326                Sociology of Language

                        SOCI               3343                Poverty and Homelessness in America

                        SOCI               3354                Population and Society

                        SOCI               3360                Science and Society

                        SOCI               4309                Social Policy and Health Care Delivery

                        SOCI               4362                Research Practicum


Women’s Studies Program


ADD:              WOMS            4325                Women in Science


DELETE:        WOMS            3322                Family Violence




ADD:              NURS              1123                Introduction to Nursing


DELETE:        NURS              4351




Changes to catalog description and titles for previously approved new courses.


DELETE:         CSE                 1312                Web Development


Changes to CSE Undergraduate Degrees:


·       MATH 2325 increased to 4 hours

·       CSE 1111 changed to CSE 1104 and 1105

·       Reduce required technical elective hours from 15 to 12

·       Reduce 6-hour science elective to 4 hours

o      Most introductory science courses are 4 hours

o      Still above ABET minimums for math/science

·       Net decrease in hours from 124 to 121



·       CHEM 1301 increased to 4 hours

·       MATH 2325 increased to 4 hours

·       CSE 1111 changed to CSE 1104 and 1105

·       Reduce required technical elective hours from 12 to 9



·       MATH 2325 increased to 4 hours

·       CSE 1111 changed to CSE 1104 and 1105

·       Remove CSE 4310, CSE 4311 and CSE 4321 from required courses

·       Add a 9-hour SE elective requirement to be chosen from the following courses

o      CSE 4310 – Software Engineering Processes

o      CSE 4311 – Object-Oriented Software Engineering

o      CSE 4312 – Formal Methods in Software Engineering

o      CSE 4321 – Software Testing

o      CSE 4322 – Software Project Management

·       Reduce technical electives from 6 to 3 hours

·       Net decrease in hours from 124 to 123





When a course which is listed as prerequisite to another course changes course number, the change is being made without Undergraduate Assembly vote. 


Other Business.  There was no other business.


Remarks by the Provost.  Provost Wright informed Assembly members of the reception for President and Mrs.  Witt on February 25, 4:30 – 6:00 pm, in the UC Bluebonnet Ballroom.


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.




Pam Haws