The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room.  President Robert E. Witt presided.







Robert Witt

Jeanne Gerlach

Carolyn Barros

George c. Wright

Chris Shook

Tom Chrzanowski

Sue Beckham

Tom Wilding

Merlynd Nestell

Khosrow Behbehani


Guisette Salazar

Shane Burke


Craig Slinkman

Bill Carroll


Neal Smatresk

Paul Chippindale


Debra Woody

Richard Cole



William Dillon



Greg Frazier



Bernard Frye



Kate Gadbury



Kevin Gustafson



Larry Heath



Jay Henry



Santos Hernandez



Dan Himarios



Farhad Kamangar



Martha LaGess



Don McConnell



Suzanne Miles



Michael Moore



Chris Morris



Pablo Pastrana-Perez



Karl Petruso



Becky Pierce



Elizabeth Poster



Zack Prince



Syed R. Qasim



K. Jamie Rogers



Tom Ryan



Patricia Turpin



Kimberly van Noort



Lorraine van Waasbergen



Tom Watts



Kai Yeung
























































Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the November 27 meeting were approved as distributed.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Committee Chair Lynn Peterson presented the following proposals which were approved by the Assembly:




Department of Information Systems and Operations Management


Add             INSY    3300, 3301, 4305

Delete          INSY    3302, 3308, 4309, 4310




Change NURS 3240 to NURS 2240

                 NURS 3365 to NURS 2365

                 NURS 3366 to NURS 2366

                 NURS 4321 to NURS 3321

                 NURS 4531 to NURS 4431

                 NURS 4462 to NURS 4362

                 NURS 4541 to NURS 4441

                 NURS 4451 to NURS 4351

                 NURS 3681 to NURS 3581

                 NURS 3320 to NURS 3420


Add             NURS 4350


Professor Peterson also explained that new forms to be used in requesting course adds and changes will soon be available on the web.


Other Business.  There was no other business.


Remarks by the President.  President Witt said the semester is off to a good start with very encouraging enrollment news for Spring.  There has been a slow, steady rise in SAT and GRE scores.  The School of Nursing experienced a very successful scholarship campaign.  The President described positive feelings from alumni who attended the 50th and 51st class reunions this past weekend.  Homecoming week events were well attended this year.  President Witt feels the momentum generated in academic areas is being picked up by students, alumni, faculty and staff, and producing a level of optimism on campus.  Administration is preparing for the next legislative session by putting together our list of campus legislative issues that will be combined with those of U.T. System.    


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.




Zack Prince