The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, February 27, 2001, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room. President Robert E. Witt presided.


Attendance. Provost George C. Wright, Dean Jeanne Gerlach, Professors Rasika Dias, Fred MacDonnell, and Jaime Rogers were excused. Deans Santos Hernandez, Elizabeth Poster, Professors Tom Chrzanowski, Chris Morris, Craig Slinkman, Director Tom Wilding, and Student Representative Sharon Smith were absent.


Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the December 5, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Committee Chair Peggy Quinn presented the following proposals.


SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK (approved by Assembly)


Catalog Text Changes


Change SOCW 3301

SOCW 3302


Add SOCW 3305

SOCW 4310

SOCW 4350 (reinstatement)



SCHOOL OF NURSING (approved by Assembly)


Change NURS 4381


COLLECE OF SCIENCE (approved by Assembly)


Add SCIE 4302


Department of Chemistry


Add CHEM 1463

CHEM 4180


Change CHEM 1284

CHEM 2321

CHEM 2322

CHEM 3317

CHEM 4311

CHEM 4314

CHEM 4318


Department of Math


Add MATH 4180


Change MATH 1313


Department of Psychology


Five-year BS/MS Program in Health Care Administration


Departments of Biology and Biochemistry


Addition of Honors Pre-Med Option 7-year Dual BS/DO Degree, 4-year BS Biology and 4-year BS Biochemistry options.





Six-Year BA-JD Degree Program proposal for a six-year coordinated program with Texas Wesleyan University School of law. There were several questions about this proposal and it was decided to table it until further information could be obtained.


Department of Political Science (approved by Assembly)


Pull deletion of POLS 4331


Department of History (approved by Assembly)


Catalog Text Changes


Department of Foreign Languages (approved by Assembly)


Change department name to Department of Modern Languages.


Catalog Text Changes


Change course prefixes: FORL to MODL

FORL 1441 to MODL 1441

FORL 1442 to MODL 1442

FORL 2313 to MODL 2313

FORL 2314 to MODL 2314

FORL 3301 to MODL 3301





Addition of Business Foundation Program (BFP) for non-business majors wanting a solid foundation in business concepts (6 courses). This program will lead to a certificate.


Department of Information Systems and Management Sciences


Change department name to Department of Information Systems and Operations Management.

Catalog Text Changes


Add OPMA 3310

OPMA 4309

BUSA 3330

INSY 3307

INSY 4315


Change BUSA 3306 to OPMA 3306

POMA 3308 to OPMA 3308

POMA 4301 to OPMA 4301

POMA 4302 to OPMA 4302

POMA 4307 to OPMA 4307

INSY 3302

INSY 3305

INSY 3308

INSY 4302

INSY 4304

INSY 4306

INSY 4308

INSY 4309

INSY 4310

INSY 4325


Delete POMA 3309

POMA 4304

POMA 4305

POMA 4308


Department of Management


Add MANA 3318

MANA 4330

MANA 4326


Change BUSA 3301 to BUSA 2302

MANA 4324 to MANA 4325


Delete BUSA 2301


Department of Marketing


Change MARK 3300 to 3325

MARK 4303


Department of Accounting


Revision of BS Accounting degree requirements



SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (approved by Assembly)


Add EDUC 1302


Delete HEED 1302



HONORS COLLEGE (approved by Assembly)


Catalog Text Changes


Change HONR 2301

HONR 3374

SCIE 2301


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (approved by Assembly)


Addition of BS in Computer Science

Addition of BS in Software Engineering

Addition of combined BS(Biology)/MS(Biomedical Engineering)


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Catalog Text Changes

Change in social/cultural elective

Change CE 4348 from required to elective


Change CE 1348

CE 2331

CE 3302

CE 3331

CE 4331

CE 4352

CE 4383


Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Catalog Text Changes

Honors program moved to Honors College


Add CSE 1312

CSE 2340

CSE 4291

CSE 4319

CSE 4321

CSE 4326

CSE 4327

CSE 4331


Change CSE 1301

CSE 1310

CSE 1320

CSE 1325

CSE 2315

CSE 2441

CSE 3310

CSE 3320

CSE 3322

CSE 3442

CSE 4191

CSE 4303

CSE 4305

CSE 4311

CSE 4316

CSE 4317

CSE 4320

CSE 4344

CSE 4346

CSE 4351

CSE 4353

CSE 4356

CSE 4360

CSE 4391


Delete CSE 3112

CSE 4325

CSE 4330


Department of Electrical Engineering


Reorganization of capstone course sequence


Change EE 1245

EE 1347

EE 2440

EE 2446

EE 3302

EE 3317

EE 3318

EE 3444

EE 4331


Delete EE 3191

EE 3305

EE 3306

EE 4441

EE 4442

EE 4443

EE 4444

EE 4446

EE 4447

EE 4448


Add EE 3307

EE 3308


EE 4341

EE 4342

EE 4343

EE 4344

EE 4345

EE 4346

EE 4347

EE 4348


Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Catalog Text Changes


Change IE 1231

IE 3343

IE 4302

IE 4308

IE 4315

IE 4318

IE 4322

IE 4325

IE 4339

IE 4343

IE 4344

IE 4349


Delete IE 3313

Add IE 4304

IE 4345

IE 4350


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Catalog Text Changes


Change MAE 2360

MAE 2412

MAE 3302

MAE 3310

MAE 3311

MAE 3314

MAE 3315

MAE 3316

MAE 3317

MAE 3319

MAE 3342

MAE 4314

MAE 4330

MAE 4350

MAE 4351


Delete MAE 3320

MAE 4188


Add MAE 1231

MAE 3344

MAE 3360

MAE 4288

MAE 4340


Biomedical Engineering Program


Change BME 4325

BME 1225


Other Engineering subject Areas


Change ENGR 2100

ENGR 3100

ENGR 4100


Report of the Commencement Committee. Committee chair Ed Morton presented a proposal to print a generic commencement program with a single page addendum listing the academic unit and order of the ceremony. This would result in an estimated annual savings of $4,500, which would allow the graduation fee to remain the same. Reducing the total number of graduation events per year was discussed, but the negative effects of this are too numerous to do this. The proposal for a generic program was approved by the Assembly.


Report of the Academic Standards Committee. Lon Johnston presented several proposals to the Assembly. The first was a change in the policy for graduation with Honors. The current policy requires at least 60 hours of undergraduate coursework earned at UTA with a particular GPA to graduate with honors; however, some students in combined degree programs will not obtain 60 hours of undergraduate coursework at UTA because graduate courses will be substituted for the normal undergraduate requirements. The committee proposed this addition to the catalog text for this section: A student in an approved combined bachelor/masters degree program is required to count the graduate coursework used for the bachelor degree in the grade point calculation. (Other graduate coursework will not be counted.) This revision was approved by the Assembly.


The second proposal from this committee was for the following catalog revisions:

1.        The AFP program will cease to exist

2.        Major classifications will be

a.          Undeclared

b.         Pre-major

c.         Major

3.        45/75 rule will continue

4.        30/30 and 40/12 rules will disappear

This proposal was approved.


The third proposal was for changes in the Honors College section of the catalog. Honors College Dean Carolyn Barros explained that now because of the number of students in the Honors College, the admission requirements need to be increased. The proposed requirements are in line with the National Honors Council across the United States with the exception of the required honors thesis. This proposal was approved by the Assembly.


The fourth proposal was for changes in the admission and graduation policy of the College of Business Administration. Linda Wilson, COBA Undergraduate Advisor, described the proposed changes. The College would have a direct admission policy depending on the SAT/ACT and high school rank. For applicants who do not meet criteria for direct admission, they will be admitted as pre-business majors with requirements to be met after 12 hours of UTA coursework. After 18 hours of coursework, if students do not meet requirements for declaring a business major, they are suspended from COBA and must choose another major. Students will not be allowed to earn Ds in business coursework. These changes will affect only students under the new catalog. There was lengthy discussion of these proposed changes. The Assembly did approve this proposal with one vote against.


The last proposal from the committee was a proposed admission policy for the College of Engineering, which was approved by the Assembly.


Other Business. There was no other business.


Remarks by the President. President Witt commented that the semester is off to another positive start in terms of enrollment, which is up over 7.5%. We have received approval on a new apartment complex from the Board of Regents, and intend to start work on it this summer. Our reports from campus recruiters is that the presence of Arlington Hall is a major recruiting plus. While the provisional program with UT Austin is being subjected to an amount of pressure for defeat, President Witt is optimistic that the program will go forward and will give us a pool of very able students. In the legislative session, most of the issues important to the University are moving along well. However, there are a couple of bills with negative impact on UTA. Senate Bill 737 which lists criteria for qualification to flagship status, and House Bill 1839. The President feels the bills will be amended to treat everyone equally.


Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.





Zack Prince