The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly



The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, March 9, 2004, at 2:15 p.m. in the UC Rio Grande B. President James D. Spaniolo presided.








James Spaniolo




Dana Dunn




Michael Moore




Evan Anders




Susan Beckham




Karen Bullis




Bill Carroll




Jinny Choi




Tom Christie




Theresa Daniels




William Dillon




Donald Gatze




James Epperson




Perry Fuchs




Michael George




Jeanne Gerlach




Susan Grove




Andy Hansz




D. L. Hawkins




Jay Henry




Santos Hernandez




Melinda Hiemenz




Dan Himarios




Jeannine Hirtle




Karen Johannesson




Lon Johnston




Peter Lehmann




Dennis Marynick



Jimmy Rogers

Don McConnell




Robert McMahon




Jim Munch




Tabitha Padilla




Lynn Peterson




Jo Pinkerton




Elizabeth Poster




Syed R. Qasim




Steve Quevedo




Peggy Quinn




Dennis Reinhartz




Lana Rings




K. Jamie Rogers




Craig Slinkman




Neal Smatresk




Gina Thames




Patricia Turpin




Josh Warren




Tom Watts




Alisa White




Tom Wilding




Paul Witt




Beth Wright




Kai Yeung




Abu Yilla





Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the regular meeting on November 4, 2003, were approved as published.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Committee Chair Kimberly Van Noort presented the following proposals, which were all approved by the Assembly.




Change in catalog text (p.34) to reflect uniformity concerning repeating courses.




Changes in catalog text to reflect several courses that have been added and several courses that have been deleted in inventory.


ADD ARCH 3331   Sustainability

ARCH 4321   Structural systems in Buildings


CHANGE        ARCH 3337 Site Design

ARCH 4329    Computers and Design

ARCH 4346    Construction Drawings I

ARCH 4347    Construction Drawings II

ARCH 4348    Architectural Photography I


Interior Design

Change in catalog text to reflect addition of four new required courses.


ADD INTD 1302 Survey of Architectural Principles in the Interior Design Profession

INTD 3323 Lighting

INTD 3329    Computer-Aided Drawing in Interior Design

INTD 4393 Interior Design Internship




CHANGE        (changes in course prerequisities)

INSY 3301    Interactive Application Development

INSY 3305    Information Systems Analysis and Design

INSY 4302    Database Management

INSY 4305    Advanced Application

INSY 4306    Advanced Systems Design





Change in catalog text to reflect changes in course inventory.


ADD KINE 1400   Introduction to Exercise Science


DELETE          KINE 1124   Biophysical Principles of Human Movement Laboratory

KINE 1314   Biophysical Principles of Human Movement




Change Admissions portion of the Undergraduate Catalog (p.15) to be consistent with Engineerings policies regarding major and pre-major designations.


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Clarification of text Transfer Students and Transfer Credit (p.118) to reflect compliance with the Texas Common Course Numbering System.


Change Advising section (p.118) to reinforce importance of advising and completing proper prerequisites for courses.


CHANGE      CE 1104        Introduction to Engineering

          CE 1105        Introduction to Civil Engineering

          CE 4383     Senior Project


Electrical Engineering


CHANGE     EE 1105         Introduction to Electrical Engineering

         EE 3341      Digital Circuits Design


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


CHANGE     IE 4308       Quality Systems

         IE 4318          Enterprise Design

         IE 4322          Enterprise Simulation

         IE 4339       Product Development Producibility and Reliability

         IE 4343          Facilities Planning and Design

         IE 4350          Industrial Engineering Capstone Design


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

ADD          MAE 3181     Materials and Structures Lab

          MAE 3182     Aerodynamics and Fluids Lab

          MAE 3302     Aerodynamics of Incompressible Flows

          MAE 3315     Aerospace Structural Statics


DELETE       MAE 3402     Aerodynamics of Incompressible Flows with Lab

                                                      (being taught as MAE 3302)

          MAE 3415     Aerospace Structural Statics with Lab

      (being taught as MAE 3315)




Remove three references to Honors 3100 as requirement in catalog text.


CHANGE     HONR 1100  Honors Enrichment Series


DELETE       HONR 3100  Honors Enrichment Series




Criminology and Criminal Justice

Clarification of minor requirements.


CHANGE     CRCJ 4390    Internship in Criminal Justice



ADD          ENGL 3373   Technical Writing


CHANGE     (deleting labs from these courses)

                     ENGL 300     Reading Comprehension and Writing Instruction

         ENGL 301ESL Reading Comprehension and Writing Instruction


Linguistics and TESOL


Change in catalog text to indicate departmental status and authorized name change.


Military Science


Change in requirements of minor to become restricted only to students who will serve as officers in the US 

Army Officer Corps after graduation.


CHANGE     MILS 3443    National Advanced Leadership Camp


Modern Languages


Addition of catalog text to indicate approved dual-language degree.


Change in catalog text to clarify minor requirements.


ADD          FREN 3305French Culture and Civilization

          FREN 3310   Introduction to Literature




ADD          MUSI 1106 Low Brass Class

          MUSI 1107    Woodwind Class II


CHANGE     MUSI 1103 High Brass Class

          MUSI 1104    Woodwind Class I


Philosophy and Humanities


Insertion of catalog text to codify current minor requirements.


Political Science


CHANGE     POLS 4101 Moot Court




Correct web location regarding fees.


Change requirements under upper division courses.


Clarify transfer policy.


Remove Course Sequence Information.


Additional Admissions Requirements.


Add 12 Science hours to requirements for the BSN Program.


ADD          NURS 3150Nursing Learning Skills

         NURS 3303   Violence and Addictions


CHANGE     NURS 2365   Pharmacology in Nursing Practice

         NURS 2366   Pathophysiologic Processes

         NURS 4641   Perinatal Nursing



Change in catalog text to reflect a higher GPA requirement for major, and elimination of the pre-major 





Change to minor requirements and elimination of pre-biology major status. Raising GPA in College and 

Department to 2.25 GPA.




Raise minimum GPA to 2.25 and elimination of pre-chemistry major status.




CHANGE     GEOL 4334   Independent Study


Other Business. Josh Warren reported that the UT System Student Advisory Council is sponsoring

a unified service project with all the components of the UT System. Details are still being discussed but UTAs project 

will be on April 24th in the south parking lot from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Remarks of the President. The Academic Standards Committee of the assembly will be receiving a proposal 

on transfer admissions related to community college students. The proposal should be ready within the next 

two weeks.


Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.


Michael K. Moore