The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, April 24, 2001, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room. Provost George C. Wright presided.


Attendance. President Robert E. Witt, Vice President Mary Ridgway, Dean Jeanne Gerlach, Professors Wendy Barr, and Don McConnell were excused. Deans Bill Carroll, Ruth V. Gross, Dan Himarios, Professors David Bernard, Tom Chrzanowski, Rasika Dias, William Dillon, Fred MacDonnell, Suzanne Miles, Syed Qasim, Jaime Rogers, Craig Slinkman, Director Tom Wilding, and Student Representative Rohan Theophilus were absent.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Committee Chair Peggy Quinn presented the following proposals that were all approved by the Assembly.




The Assembly approved an Articulation Agreement and Joint Statement of Mutual Cooperation between UTA and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy. This agreement will facilitate qualified UTA students access to pharmaceutical education while guaranteeing placement in the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for a significant portion of that education. The agreement is intended to meet the needs of prospective pharmacy students residing in the Metroplex and the healthcare needs of its citizens.


Add SCIE 1101 Seminar in Science Education I

SCIE 1102 Special Topics in Composite Science

SCIE 4101 Special Topics in Composite Science


Department of Biology


Add BIOL 3371, 3372, 3373, 3374 Teaching Biological Concepts I, II, III, IV

BIOL 3101

BIOL 3345

BIOL 3346

BIOL 3355

BIOL 4305

BIOL 4354


Department of Geology


Add GEOL 2402 Geoscience and Genesis




Catalog Text Changes





Change EDUC 1130 from Peer Leadership Seminar to Foundations of Leadership

EDUC 4300 to EDML 4300

EDUC 4371 to EDML 4371

EDUC 4372 to EDML 4372

EDUC 4377 to EDML 4377

EDUC 4677 to EDML 4677


Delete EDUC 4101


Add EDUC 1302 College Learning Course

EDUC 2101 Exploring Teaching

EDUC 4360 Teaching Students with Special Needs

EDUC 4378 Teaching Reading, Writing, and Literature in the Middle Level





Resubmission of proposed program with Texas Wesleyan University School of Law culminating in a B.A. and J.D. Degree. Questions concerning Advanced Placement/CLEP credit were addressed in the proposal and the Six-Year BA-JD Degree Program was approved.




Department of Computer Science Engineering


Catalog Text Changes


Add CSE 4310

CSE 4312

CSE 4322

CSE 4361


Change CSE 3320 (added MATH 3313 option to prerequisites)

CSE 4305 (removed redundant CSE 3315 prerequisite)


Other Business. There was no other business.


Remarks by the Provost. Provost Wright stated that President Witt is still spending a great deal of time in Austin, and is working on the flagship issue.


The Provost spoke about the Presidential Leadership Scholarship program. The students chosen for this program are outstanding high school students who have committed to attend UTA. This is an example of the programs available in high schools to attract students to UTA.


Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.




Zack Prince