The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 at 2:15 p.m. in the UC Rio Grande B.  Interim Provost Dana Dunn presided.








Charles A. Sober




Dana Dunn




Michael Moore




Evan Anders




Susan Beckham



Lou Fincher

Karen Bullis




Bill Carroll




Jinny Choi




Tom Christie




Theresa Daniels




William Dillon




Richard Dodge




James Epperson




Perry Fuchs




Jeanne Gerlach



Barry McKeown

Susan Grove




Andy Hansz




D.L. Hawkins




Jay Henry




Santos Hernandez




Melinda Hiemenz




Dan Himarios




Jeannine Hirtle




Richard Jimmerson




Karen Johannesson




Lon Johnston




Peter Lehmann




Dennis Marynick




Don McConnell




Robert McMahon




Jim Munch




Tabitha Padilla




Lynn Peterson




Jo Pinkerton




Elizabeth Poster




Syed R. Qasim




Steve Quevedo




Peggy Quinn




Dennis Reinhartz




Lana Rings




K. Jamie Rogers




Craig Slinkman




Neal Smatresk




Gina Thames




Patricia Turpin




Josh Warren




Tom Watts




Alisa White




Tom Wilding




Paul Witt




Beth Wright




Kai Yeung




Abu Yilla





Introduction of New Members.  Interim Provost Dunn welcomed the new members of the Assembly: Sue Beckham, Education; Karen Bullis, Architecture; Tom Christie, Communication; Theresa Daniels, Urban and Public Affairs; James Epperson, Mathematics; Andy Hansz, Finance and Real Estate; Jay Henry, Architecture; Karen Johannesson, Geology; Lon Johnston, Social Work; Peter Lehmann, Social Work; Dennis Marynick, Chemistry; Bob McMahon, Honors College; Jim Munch, Marketing; Tabitha Padilla, Student Congress; Lynn Peterson, Engineering; Jo Pinkerton, Nursing; Peggy Quinn, Social Work; Dennis Reinhartz, Faculty Senate; Gina Thames, Nursing; Josh Warren, Student Congress; Paul Witt, Communications; and Beth Wright, Liberal Arts.


Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the regular meeting on April 22, 2003 were approved as published.  The minutes of the special called meeting on September 3 were approved as published.


Election of Officers.  Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Moore was nominated and elected to serve simultaneously in the roles of Parliamentarian and Secretary.


Certification of Degree Candidates Delegation.  Regents Rules require that each year the Assembly have the faculty certify degrees or delegate the authority to respective deans or the registrar.  This authority was delegated to the Registrar.  Motion was made and passed to delegate this authority permanently to the Registrar until such time as Assembly vote reverses this decision.  Language to this affect will be inserted into the Handbook of Operating Procedures.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Committee Chair Kimberly van Noort presented the following proposal for course changes in the Honors College.  The Assembly approved these changes.


CHANGE        HONR             2300    Honors Freshman Seminar

                        HONR             2312    Honors American Studies II: Literature

                        HONR             2612    Honors American Studies II: Themes in American History and Politics

                        HONR             4103    Honors Independent Study Topics

                        HONR             4203    Honors Independent Study Topics

                        HONR             4303    Honors Independent Study Topics


Report of the Registration, Calendar and Scheduling Committee.  Acting Registrar Richard Jimmerson presented the academic calendar for 2005-2006, noting that it follows the same plan as previous calendars.  The advance AISD calendar is not yet available, but their representative said they would most likely follow the same trend.  Specific concern was raised about matching UTA Spring Break week with AISD.  Student Congress President Josh Warren explained their recently passed resolution that UTA would track UT System Spring Breaks and calls for a student officer to work with AISD to ensure that, when possible, UTA, UT System, and AISD Spring Breaks match so that it is beneficial to students as well as faculty.   Motion was made and passed to approve the academic calendar for 2005-2006 subsequent to revisitation of the alignment with AISD and UT System calendars when available.


Proposed Bylaws Changes.  Dr. Moore presented housekeeping matters for the Undergraduate Assembly Bylaws.  There are two inactive committees that should be removed from the list of committees reporting to the Undergraduate Assembly—Catalog Committee and Scholarships and Loans Committee.  Other groups have assumed the duties of these committees.


Other Business.  There was no other business.


Remarks by the President.  In the Interim President’s absence, there were no remarks.


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.




Michael K. Moore



Recorded by Connie Frazier


Academic Calendar 2005-2006


Fall Session, 2005                                                            Regular Fall Semester

Registration for Fall Semester for all students                                             June 30 - August 21

First day of classes                                                                                                August 22

Late registration                                                                                                     August 22-26

Labor Day holiday                                                                                                 September 5

Census date                                                                                                            September 7

Last day to drop with automatic “W” (undergraduate)                                   September 30

Midsemester                                                                                                           October 14

Current and former student registration begins

for Winter Session & Spring Semester                                                               October 31

Last day to drop courses                                                                                      November 11

Winter Session & Spring registration begins for

all students                                                                                                             November 24

Thanksgiving holidays                                                                                         November 24 - 27

Last day of classes                                                                                                December 2

Final exams (some dept. exams given Dec.3)                                                     December 3, 5-9

Commencement ceremonies                                                                                 December 9-11


Winter Session, 2005-2006

Late registration                                                                                                     December 12

Winter Session classes, Monday-Thursday                                                     December 12-15

Census date                                                                                                            December 13

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)                                   December 15

Classes continue, Monday - Thursday                                                              January 2-5

Last day to drop courses                                                                                      January 9

Classes continue, Monday-Wednesday                                                           January 9-11

Winter Session final exams                                                                                  January 12


Spring Session, 2006                                                        Regular Spring Semester

Registration for Spring Semester for all students                                             November 24 - January 16

Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday                                                                    January 16

First day of classes                                                                                                January 17

Late registration                                                                                                     January 17-20

Census date                                                                                                            February 1

Last day to drop with automatic “W” (undergraduate)                                   February 24

Midsemester                                                                                                           March 10

Spring vacation                                                                                                      March 13-19

Current and former student registration

begins for Maymester & Summer                                                                        April 3

Last day to drop courses                                                                                      April 14

Maymester & Summer registration begins

for all students                                                                                                       April 27

Last day of classes                                                                                                May 5

Final exams (some dept. exams given May 6)                                                    May 6, 8-12

Commencement ceremonies                                                                                 May 12 - 14


Maymester, 2006

Late registration                                                                                                     May 15

Maymester classes, Monday-Saturday                                                             May 15-20

Census date                                                                                                            May 16

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)                                   May 18

Last day to drop courses                                                                                      May 24

Classes continue, Monday-Friday                                                                      May 22-26

Maymester final exams                                                                                          June 2


Summer Sessions, 2006                                                       1st Five Week                Eleven Week                      2nd Five Week

Registration for Summer Sessions for all students                                      April 27-May 29                April 27-May 29                April 27-July 4

Memorial Day holiday                                                                                      May 29                                May 29

Classes begin                                                                                                    May 30                                May 30                                July 5

Late Registration                                                                                               May 30-May 31                 May 30-May 31                 July 5-6

Current and former student registration begins for Fall                             June 5                                  June 5

Census Date                                                                                                      June 5                                  June 5                                  July 11

Last day to drop with automatic “W” (undergraduate)                              June 12                                June 26                                July 18

Midsemester                                                                                                      June 14                                July 5                                   July 20

Fall registration begins for all students                                                         June 29                                June 29

Last day to drop courses                                                                                 June 22                                July 24                                 July 31

Last day of classes                                                                                           June 29                                Aug 7                                  Aug 7

Final examination dates                                                                                    July 3                                   Aug 8-9                               Aug 8

Fourth of July holiday                                                                                      July 4

Commencement exercises                                                                                Aug 12-13                           Aug 12-13                           Aug 12-13