The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, October 1, 2002, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Rio Grande B.  President Robert E. Witt presided.






Robert E. Witt

Jeanne Gerlach

Tom Chrzanowski

George C. Wright

Guisette Salazar

William Dillon

Michael Moore

Tom Wilding

Richard Dodge

Evan Anders


Aris Freeman

Carolyn Barros


Susan Grove

Bill Carroll


D.L. Hawkins

Jinny Choi


Melinda Hiemenz

Richard Cole


Dan Himarios

Chris Featherstone


Jeannine Hirtle

Peggy Forsberg


Merlynd Nestell

Greg Frazier


Pablo Pastrana-Perez

Bernard Frye


Karl Petruso

Perry Fuchs


Syed R. Qasim

Kevin Gustafson


Craig Slinkman

Santos Hernandez


Debra Woody

Don McConnell


Abu Yilla

Becky Pierce Hall



Elizabeth Poster



Steve Quevedo



K. Jamie Rogers



Neal Smatresk



Patricia Turpin



Lorraine van Waasbergen



Tom Watts



Alisa White



Kai Yeung




Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the April 16, 2002 meeting were approved as distributed.


Election of Parliamentarian.  Michael Moore was nominated and elected as Parliamentarian for a one-year term.


Election of Secretary.  Pam Haws, Director of Institutional Research and Planning, was nominated and elected as Secretary.


Certification of Degree Candidates.  Regents Rules require that each year the Assembly have the faculty certify degrees or delegate the authority to respective deans or the registrar.  This authority was delegated to the registrar.


Report of the Registration, Calendar and Scheduling Committee.  The proposed 2004-2005 academic calendar was approved by the Assembly (copy attached).


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Committee Chair Lynn Peterson presented the following proposals, which were approved by the Assembly:




Add:                FINA            4351            Financial Modeling

                        MANA         4328            Human Resource Staffing and Performance Management


Change:            BUSA          4322            title change to Organizational Strategy

                        MARK         4322            updating course description


Other Business.  There was no other business.


Remarks by the President.  President Witt stated that the semester is off to an excellent start.  UTA will break ground soon on another apartment complex, which should be online by Fall 2003.  Construction plans include building another residence hall similar to Arlington Hall to open Fall 2004.  The Fine Arts studio complex could be finished by August 2003, allowing the vacated space to be renovated during Fall 2003.  Dr. Witt said we would do everything we can to keep pace with the enrollment growth.


When asked his view on how the budget deficit will affect higher education, President Witt answered that he feels UTA, since it has been growing rapidly, will fare as favorably as any, and should continue to receive some increased resources.  However, in a tight year, it will be less likely to see funds for faculty and staff salary increases.  We will be locked into using some of our growth revenue to make modest salary adjustments.  President Witt thinks we have a strong legislative delegation that will serve us in good stead.


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.




Recorded by Connie Frazier





Academic Calendar 2004-2005


Fall Session, 2004                                    Regular Fall Semester

Registration for Fall Semester for all students          July 1 - August 22

First day of classes                                     August 23

Late registration                                        August 23-27

Labor Day holiday                                        September 6

Census date                                              September 8

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)      October 1

Midsemester                                              October 15

Current and former student registration begins

for Winter Session & Spring Semester                     November 1

Last day to drop courses                                 November 12

Winter Session & Spring registration begins for

all students                                             November 25

Thanksgiving holidays                                    November 25 - 28

Last day of classes                                      December 3

Final exams (some dept. exams given Dec.4)               December 4, 6-10

Commencement ceremonies                                  December 10-12


Winter Session, 2004-2005

Late registration                                        December 13

Winter Session classes, Monday-Thursday                  December 13-16

Census date                                              December 14

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)      December 16

Classes continue, Monday - Thursday                      January 3-6

Last day to drop courses                                 January 6

Classes continue, Monday-Wednesday                       January 10-12

Winter Session final exams                               January 13


Spring Session, 2005                              Regular Spring Semester

Registration for Spring Semester for all students        November 25 - January 17

Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday                       January 17

First day of classes                                     January 18

Late registration                                        January 18-21

Census date                                              February 2

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)      February 25

Midsemester                                              March 11

Spring vacation                                          March 14-20

Current and former student registration

begins for Maymester & Summer                            April 4

Last day to drop courses                                 April 15

Maymester & Summer registration begins

for all students                                         April 28

Last day of classes                                      May 6

Final exams (some dept. exams given May 7)               May 7, 9-13

Commencement ceremonies                                  May 13 - 15


Maymester, 2005

Late registration                                        May 16

Maymester classes, Monday-Saturday                       May 16-21

Census date                                              May 17

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)      May 19

Last day to drop courses                                 May 25

Classes continue, Monday-Friday                          May 23-27

Maymester final exams                                    June 3


Summer Sessions, 2005                                  1st Five Week            Eleven Week                2nd Five Week

Registration for Summer Sessions for all students        April 28-May 30          April 28-May 30             April 28-July 5

Memorial Day holiday                                     May 30                   May 30

Classes begin                                            May 31                   May 31                      July 6

Late Registration                                        May 31-Jun 1             May 31-Jun 1                July 6-7

Current and former student registration begins for fall  June 6                   June 6

Census Date                                              June 6                   June 6                      July 12

Last day to drop with automatic "W" (undergraduate)      June 13                  June 27                     July 19

Midsemester                                              June 15                  July 6                      July 21

Fall registration begins for all students                June 30                  June 30

Last day to drop courses                                 June 23                  July 25                     August 1

Last day of classes                                      June 30                  Aug 8                       Aug 8

Fourth of July holiday                                   July 4

Final examination dates                                  July 5                   Aug 9-10                    Aug 9

Commencement exercises                                   Aug 13-14                Aug 13-14                   Aug 13-14