The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly



The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room.  President Robert E. Witt presided.






Robert E. Witt

George C. Wright

Carolyn Barros

Khosrow Behbehani

Jeanne Gerlach

Sue Beckham

Shane Burke

Patricia Turpin

Paul Chippendale

Bill Carroll

Debra Woody

Tom Chrzanowski

Richard Cole

Kei Yeung

William Dillon

Greg Frazier


Martha LaGess

Bernard Frye


Elizabeth Poster

Kate Gadberry


Craig Slinkman

Kevin Gustafson



Larry Heath



Jay Henry



Santos Hernandez



Dan Himarios



Farhad Kamangar



Don McConnell



Suzanne Miles



Michael Moore



Chris Morris



Merlynd Nestell



Pablo Pastrana-Perez



Karl Petruso



Becky Pierce



Zack Prince



Syed R. Qasim



Jamie Rogers



Tom Ryan



Chris Shook



Neal Smatresk



Kimberly van Noort



Lorraine van Waasbergen



Tom Watts



Tom Wilding





Introduction of New Members.  President Witt welcomed the following new members for Fall 2001:  Shane Burke, Student Congress; Richard Cole, College of Liberal Arts; Bernard Frye, Biology; Kate Gadberry, Student Congress; Kevin Gustafson, English; Martha LaGess, Architecture; Merlynd Nestell, Geology/Math; Pablo Pastrana-Perez, Modern Languages; Karl Petruso, Sociology; Patricia Turpin, Nursing; Lorraine van Waasbergen, Biology; Kai Yeung, Electrical Engineering.


Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the April 24 meeting were approved as distributed. 


Election of Parliamentarian.  Michael Moore was nominated and elected as Parliamentarian for a one-year term.


Election of Secretary.  Zack Prince was nominated and elected as Secretary for a two-year term.


Certification of Degree Candidates.  Regents Rules require that each year the Assembly have the faculty certify degrees or delegate the authority to respective deans or the registrar.  This authority was delegated to the registrar.


Report of the Calendar and Scheduling Committee.  Zack Prince presented the proposed 2003-2004 academic calendar which was approved by the Assembly.  (Copy attached.)


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Committee Chair Lynn Peterson presented the following proposals:


(1)                     The Department of Kinesiology proposed to modify the designation of the current Exercise/Sports Activity classes so that they can be taken for elective credit in undergraduate programs.  This would allow up to four one semester hour credit courses to be used in a degree plan which includes the possibility of three electives.  This proposal was approved by the Assembly.


(2)                     The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice proposed to add a degree entitled Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the U.T. System Criminology and Criminal Justice Online Degree Completion Program.  This degree will apply only to the online program, and will be aimed at students who would not normally come to a university to complete a degree beyond the community college.  This will be a specialized program, but will not be easier or take less time to complete.  President Witt clarified that, in future years when TeleCampus develops more of an inventory of undergraduate programs, we would revisit this degree to build more requirements into the curriculum, but for now to protect the curriculum of the current BA degree in CRCJ, this separate degree is proposed.  The Assembly approved this proposal.


(3)                     The College of Science proposed a Bachelor of Science in Biological Chemistry, which would target students in pre-professional programs (pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary, pre-pharmacy, etc) or who plan to seek post-graduation employment in the emerging biotechnology industry.  The Assembly approved this proposal.


(4)                     The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry proposed to add two courses: CHEM 3315 and CHEM 3175.  These additions were approved by the Assembly.


(5)                     The Committee also presented the following for informational purposes.  As worked out in our articulation agreement with community colleges, the College of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies will accept up to 24 hours of technical coursework as transfer credit to be used in a Science or INTS degree.  This credit may not be accepted by another UTA undergraduate academic unit in the event of a major change. 


Remarks by the President.  President Witt noted that the year is off to a good start in spite of world conditions.  Extra precautions have been taken to deal with events that may arise.  A Special Situations Task Force with administrative and faculty representation has met several times.  New policies and procedures have been adopted to enhance safety on campus.  The campus construction plans will proceed on schedule.  We will move forward with a new Fine Arts and Campus Support Annex and a new Science building.  This will be a year of more uncertainty than past years, as there is no way to predict what the implications of world events will be for our economy and enrollment.  The President is optimistic that we will proceed through the year essentially the same as any other academic year. 


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.




Zack Prince





Academic Calendar 2003-2004


Fall Sessions, 2003          Regular Fall Semester

Registration for Fall Semester for all students                June 26 - August 24

First day of classes                   August 25

Late registration                      August 25-29

Labor Day (holiday)                    September 1

Census date                            September 10

End of first drop period for undergraduates                    October 3

Midsemester                            October 17

Current and former student registration begins

for Winter Session & Spring Semester   November 3

Last day to drop courses               November 14

Winter Session & Spring registration begins for

all students                           November 27

Thanksgiving holidays                  November 27 - 30

Last day of classes                    December 5

Final exams (some dept. exams given Dec.6)                     December 6, 8-12

Commencement ceremonies                December 12-14


Winter Session, 2003-2004

Last day to register                   December 15

Winter Session classes, Monday-Friday  December 15-19

Census date                            December 16

Last day to drop with automatic "W" grade                      December 18

Classes continue, Monday - Thursday    January 5-8

Last day for drop from Winter Session  January 8

Classes continue, Monday-Tuesday       January 12-13

Winter Session final exams             January 14


Spring Sessions, 2004        Regular Spring Semester

Registration for Spring Semester for all students           November 27 - January 19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (holiday)   January 19

First day of classes                   January 20

Late registration                      January 20-23

Census date                            February 4

End of first drop period for undergraduates                    February 27

Midsemester                            March 12

Spring vacation                        March 15-21

Current and former student registration

begins for Maymester & Summer          April 5

Last day to drop courses               April 16

Maymester & Summer registration begins

for all students                       April 29

Last day of classes                    May 7

Final exams (some dept. exams given May 8)                     May 8, 10-14

Commencement ceremonies                May 14 - 16


Maymester, 2004

Last day to register                   May 17

Maymester classes, Monday-Saturday     May 17-22

Census date                            May 18

Last day to drop with automatic "W" grade                      May 20

Last day to drop from Maymester        May 26

Classes continue, Monday-Friday        May 24-28

Maymester final exams                  June 4


Summer Session, 2004          1st Five Week Eleven Week   2nd Five Week

Registration for Summer Sessions for all students  April 29-May 31            April 29-May 31                                      April 29-July 6

Memorial Day holiday                  May 31        May 31

Classes begin                         June 1        June 1        July 7

Late Registration                     June 1-2      June 1-2      July 7-8

Current and former student registration begins for fall          June 7        June 7

Census Date                           June 7        June 14       July 13

End of first drop period              June 14       June 28       July 20

Midsemester                           June 16       July 7        July 22

Fall registration begins for all students          July 1        July 1

Last day to drop courses              June 24       July 26       August 2

Last day of classes                   July 1        Aug 9         Aug 9

Final examination dates               July 5        Aug 10-11     Aug 10

Commencement exercises                Aug 14-15     Aug 14-15     Aug 14-15