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The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, November 4, 2003 at 2:15 p.m. in the UC Rio Grande B.  Interim President Charles A. Sorber presided.








Charles A. Sober




Dana Dunn




Michael Moore




Evan Anders




Susan Beckham




Karen Bullis




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Abu Yilla





Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the regular meeting on September 23, 2003 were approved as published.


Report of the Academic Standards Committee.  Committee Chair David Gray presented a proposal from the College of Science to require a 2.25 grade point average overall and in major field courses to be admitted to a science major and maintain satisfactory progress toward degree completion, and the college will require first-time new students to achieve a combined SAT score of at least 1000 in order to be admitted as a science major.  The Assembly approved both parts of the proposal. 


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Committee Chair Kimberly Van Noort presented the following proposals, which were all approved by the Assembly.






ADD                ACCT            4380             Ethical Behavior in Accounting






Catalog Text Change to Exercise Science Clinical/Research Track to be consistent with the Exercise Science Health/Fitness Track by require KINE 4317 in place of KINE 3306.


CHANGE        KINE            3203            Applying Fitness Principles in an Instructional Setting

                                                                  (becoming 4219 to keep proper sequence)

                        KINE            4320            Teaching Middle Level and Secondary Physical Education

                        KINE            4321            Teaching Elementary Physical Education






ADD                ART            4348            Digital Alternative Photographic Techniques


CHANGE            (Increase in Course Fees)

                        ART            1305            Two-Dimensional Design

                        ART            1306            Three-Dimensional Design

                        ART            2304            Digital Design

                        ART            2354            Graphics: Typography

                        ART            2355            Graphics: Layout

                        ART            2359            Introduction to Photography

                        ART            3352            Digital Imaging

                        ART            3353            Metalsmithing: Jewelry

                        ART            3359            Media and Methods

                        ART            3360            Intermediate Photography

                        ART            4200            Professional Practices

                        ART            4314            Topics in Twentieth Century Art

                        ART            4315            Aspects of Contemporary Art

                        ART            4344            Alternative Photographic Processes

                        ART            4359            Advanced Photography

                        ART            4360            Color Photography

                        ART            4363            Studio Photography

                        ART            4364            Commercial Photography

                        ART            4396            Special Studies in Art History

                        ART            5391            Independent Study


Criminology and Criminal Justice


Update faculty roster for catalog




Catalog Text Change – Adding an Option for a Minor in Creative Writing




CHANGE        HIST            4351            British Empire – change in short title


Linguistics and TESOL


Catalog Text Change to indicate the recent approval of the Program of Linguistics becoming the Department of Linguistics and TESOL.


Mexican American Studies


ADD                MAS            4352            US Immigration Policy and the American Dream


CHANGE        MAS            3348            Latino Immigration to the US


Modern Languages


Catalog Text Changes                               Substitution of courses no longer taught under Teacher Certification

                                                                  (GERM 3315)


                                                                  Substitution of courses no longer taught under “Post Soviet and East

                                                                  European Studies”


                                                                  Clarifying language to more clearly define required hours for BBA in

                                                                  International Business/Modern Language


                                                                  Added two additional countries to the Study Abroad Section


ADD                FREN            4325            Topics in Eighteenth-Century French Studies


CHANGE        FREN            3311            French Literature and Culture I

                        FREN            4334            Contemporary French Culture

                        FREN            4335            Business French

                        GERM           3313            Advanced Conversation

                        GERM           3314            Advanced Grammar and Composition

                        GERM           3317            The German Heritage

                        GERM           3318            Contemporary German Culture and Literature

                        GERM           4317            Advanced Strategies and Practice in Comm

                        GERM           4321            The German Tradition I

                        GERM           4322            The German Tradition II

                        SPAN            3391            Conference Course

                        SPAN            4330            Topics in Spanish Linguistics

                        SPAN            4332            Topics in Spanish Dialectology




ADD                (Currently listed individually in Active Course Inventory, but listed simply as

                        “Ensembles 0101-0130” in Undergraduate Catalog.  Also requesting fee changes.)

                        MUSI            0101            Marching Band

                        MUSI            0102            Wind Ensemble

                        MUSI            0103            Concert Band

                        MUSI            0104            A Cappella Choir

                        MUSI            0106            Chamber Singers

                        MUSI            0108            University Singers

                        MUSI            0109            Keyboard Ensemble

                        MUSI            0110            Woodwind Ensemble

                        MUSI            0111            Brass Choir

                        MUSI            0112            Jazz Orchestra

                        MUSI            0114            Percussion Ensemble

                        MUSI            0115            Music Theatre/Opera Lab

                        MUSI            0116            Jazz Band II

                        MUSI            0117            Trombone Choir

                        MUSI            0118            Marching Percussion

                        MUSI            0119            Trumpet Ensemble

                        MUSI            0120            French Horn Ensemble

                        MUSI            0121            Color Guard

                        MUSI            0122            Jazz Combo

                        MUSI            0123            Jazz Ensemble

                        MUSI            0124            Flute Choir

                        MUSI            0125            Saxophone Choir

                        MUSI            0126            String Quartet

                        MUSI            0127            Tuba Ensemble

                        MUSI            0128            Orchestra

                        MUSI            0130            University Band


                        MUSI            1252            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            1253            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            2252            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            2253            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            3352            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            3253            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            3362            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            3363            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            4252            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            4353            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            4462            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass

                        MUSI            4463            Private Lessons in Jazz Bass


CHANGE            (Fee Increases)

                        MUSI            0172            Instrumental Lab Ensemble

                        MUSI            1180            Functional Piano I

                        MUSI            1181            Functional Piano II

                        MUSI            2180            Functional Piano III

                        MUSI            2181            Functional Piano IV

                        MUSI            3101            Italian and French Diction

                        MUSI            3391            Composition I

                        MUSI            3392            Composition II

                        MUSI            4101            German and English Diction

                        MUSI            4192            Instrumental Applied Conducting

                        MUSI            4491            Composition III

                        MUSI            4492            Composition IV


Philosophy and Humanities


Catalog Text Change – Changes in elective hours under Philosophy BA General Track


ADD                CLAS           2300            Hollywood Classics: The Ancient World in Film


Political Science


CHANGE        POLS        4352            US Immigration Policy and the American Dream


Sociology and Anthropology


ADD                ANTH           2359            Myths and Mysteries in Archaeology


CHANGE        ANTH           2339            Principles of Archaeology

                        ANTH           3348            Anthropology of Immigration

                        ANTH           4191            Conference Course


Theatre Arts


Catalog Text Change                                 Correction of error in number of hours required for a focus in

                                                                  Production/Design from 42 to 36


                                                                  Clarification on the number of hours required in major


                                                                  Inclusion in the catalog of already existing Minor in Theatre Arts

                                                                  which was not included


                                                                  Inclusion of newly proposed course THEA 1101 under required

                                                                  courses under each focus area


ADD               THEA            1101            Theatre Arts Symposium

                        THEA            4315            Special Effects in Makeup Design

                        THEA            4320            Stage Welding, Rigging and Fabrication

                        THEA            4345            Summer Theatre Activities

                        THEA            4395            Internship


CHANGE            (due to changes in course fees)

                        THEA            3301            Scene Design I

                        THEA            3305            Lighting Design I

                        THEA            3310            Creative Drama

                        THEA            3312            Theatre for Young Audiences

                        THEA            3315            Theatrical Makeup

                        THEA            4305            Scene Design II

                        THEA            4306            Lighting Design II

                        THEA            4308            Acting for the Camera

                        THEA            4344            Advanced Design and Portfolio


DELETE         THEA            3373            Special Topics: Women in the Arts




ADD                NURS            3147            Special Topics in Nursing (Reactivation

                        NURS            1124            Service Learning in Nursing (Fall 2004)


Bylaws Amendment.  Dr. Moore reminded Assembly of the need to delete two inactive committees from the list of committees reporting to the Undergraduate Assembly—Catalog Committee and Scholarships and Loans Committee.  Other groups have assumed the duties of these committees.  The Assembly approved these deletions.


Other Business.  The Assembly also approved a second proposal from the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Chair Kimberly Van Noort presented a proposal from the College of Engineering, which resulted from an ABET accreditation visit, changing catalog text to:


The Computer Science and Engineering Department encourages qualified CS, CSE and SE majors to participate in the UTA Honors College described in this catalog.  Honors students take the honors project sequence (CSE 4356 and 4357).  Projects may be pursued in any one of the areas of concentration within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.  All full-time CS, CSE and SE students entering the university Honors College will be considered for financial assistance.


The second part of the proposal dealt with the change in the requirements for a BS degree in Software Engineering (BSSE). This change was in response to ABET accreditation evaluators' feedback that BSSE students may not receive enough software engineering specific coursework.


The BS Software Engineering program will now require students take CSE 4310, CSE 4311, CSE 4321, CSE 4322 and CSE 4361.  This requirement replaces the existing requirements for Compilers (CSE 4305), one technical elective, and three software engineering electives chosen from CSE 4310, CSE 4311, CSE 4312, CSE 4321 and CSE 4322.


Remarks by the President.  Interim President Sorber updated the Assembly on the progress of the Presidential Search process.  The Board of Regents are expected to announce the name of the President on November 19.  The new President will probably come on board at the beginning of the Spring Semester.  Dr. Sorber also commented on the tuition deregulation process.  The final proposal submitted to System contains $10/SCH designated tuition in Spring 2004, $17/SCH in designated tuition in Fall 2004, with $5/SCH in fees per semester.  There is also a $3 per SCH discount for on-time payment.   


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.


Michael K. Moore



Recorded by Connie Frazier