The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly




The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, November 5, 2002, at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Rio Grande B. Provost George C. Wright presided.






George C. Wright

Robert E. Witt

Tom Chrzanowski

Pam Haws

Peggy Forsberg

Richard Dodge

Michael Moore

Jeanne Gerlach

D.L. Hawkins

Evan Anders

Susan Grove

Santos Hernandez

Carolyn Barros

Kevin Gustafson

Dan Himarios

Bill Carroll

Don McConnell

Jeannine Hirtle

Jinny Choi

Elizabeth Poster

Merlynd Nestell

Richard Cole

Tom Watts

Pablo Pastrana-Perez

William Dillon


Karl Petruso

Chris Featherstone


Syed R. Qasim

Greg Frazier


Guisette Salazar

Aris Freeman


Debra Woody

Bernard Frye


Abu Yilla

Perry Fuchs



Melinda Hiemenz



Becky Pierce Hall



Steve Quevedo



K. Jamie Rogers



Craig Slinkman



Neal Smatresk



Patricia Turpin



Lorraine van Waasbergen



Alisa White



Tom Wilding



Kai Yeung




Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the October 1, 2002 meeting were approved as distributed.


Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Committee Chair Lynn Peterson presented the following proposals, which were approved by the Assembly:




Department of Art

Catalog material changes:

       Mission of department: 3 degrees and change in GPA requirement in B.F.A.

       Advertisement of B.A. in Art

       Requirements for B.F.A. revised to coordinate with foundation requirements in B.A. in Art

       Requirements for B.A. in Art

       Addition of Teacher Certification

       Correction regarding university computer and oral competencies

       Requirements for a B.A. degree in Art History

       Syllabus for ART 2304 to add to University approved courses satisfying the computer competency requirements


ADD ART 3344 Expanded offering in concentration

ART 3345 Expanded offering in concentration


CHANGE        ART 2358 Change in course content

ART 3300 Name change to UTA Gallery

ART 3314 Change in course content

ART 3320 Title, short title, course content changes

ART 3341 Change in repeat policy

ART 3389 Change in course content

ART 4301 Course description

ART 4317 Title, short title, course content changes

ART 4361 Change in title, short title, course content, and prerequisites

ART 4362 Change in course content


Department of Communication


Catalog material changes:

       Deletion of text for option no longer available to teacher certification

       Change in number of hours taken within liberal arts and deletion of reference to sport activities

       Changes in text under Broadcast Management to reflect course number changes

       Changes in text under Communication Technology to reflect content, renumbering of courses, and requirements

       Changes in Journalism text to be more in line with accredited journalism programs

       Changes in text under Oral Communication to add prerequisite

       Changes in text under Advertising to reflect changes in minimum average performance of students

       Changes in text under ADVT for requirements

       Changes in text for Speech to reflect prerequisite


ADD BCMN             3358

BCMN             4191

BCMN             4350

COMM    2350

COMM    3305

COMM    4318

COMM    4321

JOUR              3346

JOUR              4346


CHANGE        ADVT              3304

ADVT   3305

ADVT   3306

ADVT   4300

ADVT   4301

BCMN 2357

BCMN 2358

BCMN 3319

BCMN 3340

BCMN 3341

BCMN 2347 (was 3347)

BCMN 3350

BCMN 3355

BCMN 3357

BCMN 4319

BCMN 4320

BCMN 4360

BCMN 4391

BCMN 4393

BCMN 4395

COMM    3305 (previously number 3301)

COMM    4307

COMM    4309

COMM    4327

JOUR 2346

JOUR 3345

JOUR 4325

SPCH 3302

SPCH 3320

SPCH 4300

SPCH 4302

SPCH 4315

SPCH 4320

SPCH 4322


DELETE         BCMN 4318

JOUR 4378


Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Changes in Catalog Text:

       Addition of text to requirements for the on-line degree




Department of English


Changes in Catalog Text:

       Changes in Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in English



ENGL 3355

ENGL 3364


Department of History


ADD HIST 3369 to satisfy Social/Cultural Studies requirement


DELETE          HIST 4385


Linguistics Program


CHANGE        LING 3330

LING 3340

LING 4330


Mexican American Studies


Changes to catalog text to reflect revisions in the structure and content of the minor in MAS.

Drop three courses listed as additional courses that can be used to fulfill the MAS minor; add one course to list.


ADD MAS 1131

MAS 3310

MAS 3312

MAS 3319

MAS 3348

MAS 3369

MAS 3375

MAS 4313

MAS 4315

MAS 4318

MAS 4327

MAS 4370


DELETE         MAS 4300


Department of Modern Languages


Changes in catalog text on minor requirements.

Changes to catalog text to clarify requirements.

Addition of information for Portuguese for uniformity,


CHANGE        FREN 3316

FREN 3318

FREN 4334

GERM 3301

SPAN 3312

SPAN 4313

SPAN 4315

SPAN 4318

SPAN 4327


Department of Music


Catalog material changes: UTA requirements for Bachelor of Music degree leading to teacher certification.


CHANGE        MUSI 3209 (changing to 3309)

MUSI 4209 (change in course description)


DELETE          MUSI 4193


Department of Political Science


Catalog material changes: Add 3334 and 4352 (new courses) to degree plan



POLS 4102

POLS 4352


CHANGE        POLS 4331


Department of Sociology/Anthropology



ANTH 2349

ANTH 3329

ANTH 3339

ANTH 3348


CHANGE        ANTH 3330

ANTH 3353

ANTH 3355


Theatre Arts Program


Changes in catalog text for clarification.

Changes in catalog text to clarify competency requirements.

Changes in catalog text to reflect changes in required courses for BFA Options and deletion of sports activities.




CHANGE        THEA 1304

THEA 2352

THEA 3301

THEA 3304

THEA 3305

THEA 3307

THEA 3320

THEA 3341

THEA 4302

THEA 4303

THEA 4304

THEA 4308

THEA 4330

THEA 4343




Department of Geology


ADD GEOL   1420


DELETE          GEOL 2408


CHANGE         GEOL 1425 (change in course description)


Department of Math


CHANGE          MATH           2425 (change in number of credit hours from 3 to 4)



Other Business. There was no other business.


Remarks by the Provost. Provost Wright encouraged faculty to apply for the Faculty Development Leave and the Research Enhancement Program.

Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.




Pam Haws