The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly



The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room. President Robert E. Witt presided.

Attendance. Dean Bill Carroll, Professors David Bernard, Rebecca Deen, Tom Watts, and Student Representative Sharon Smith were excused. Professors Rasika Dias, Craig Slinkman, and Debra Woody were absent.

Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the October 3, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.

Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Committee Chair Peggy Quinn presented the following proposals that were all approved by the Assembly.


Catalog Text Change: To inform students that some classes that are offered on a pass-fail basis in Liberal Arts may not be offered as pass-fail in other departments.

Department of Art

Add ART 3340

ART 3356

ART 4346

ART 4347

ART 4366

Change ART 1305

ART 2308

ART 3341

ART 3342

ART 3343

ART 3346

ART 3348

ART 3353

ART 3363

ART 3383

ART 4345

ART 4353

ART 4355

ART 4356

ART 4357

ART 4371

Delete ART 3357

ART 4368

Department of Communication

Catalog Text Change: Change in various major’s requirements.

Add BCMN 3347

COMM 4191

COMM 4391

JOUR 2347

JOUR 4325

JOUR 4378

Change COMM 4310

COMM 4327

JOUR 1345

JOUR 3350

JOUR 4326

SPCH 3323

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Change CRCJ 3300

Department of English

Catalog Text Change: Change in Computer/Oral Proficiency Statement

Department of Foreign Languages

Catalog Text Changes: Change in Social and Cultural Studies requirement.

Listing of Foreign Languages Faculty

Change in Oral & Computer Competency requirements.

Change in "Course Descriptions" text materials

Change in sequence requirements

Add RUSS 3343

SPAN 3305

SPAN 3319

SPAN 4191

SPAN 4310

SPAN 4311

SPAN 4314

SPAN 4315

SPAN 4330

SPAN 4332

Change SPAN 3304

SPAN 3318

SPAN 3320

SPAN 3321

Delete SPAN 4301

SPAN 4307

SPAN 4308

SPAN 4309

SPAN 4324

SPAN 4326

Department of History

Add HIST 3354

HIST 3359

Change HIST 3300

HIST 3310

HIST 3315

HIST 3324

Delete HIST 3316

Department of Philosophy and Humanities

Add GREK 4335

PHIL 2304

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Catalog Text Changes: Sociology science requirement

Anthropology science requirement

Anthropology major requirements

Philosophy requirement


Change SOCI 2312

SOCI 3322

SOCI 3336

SOCI 3351

SOCI 3353

Delete SOCI 1111

SOCI 1315

SOCI 3105


Add ANTH 3340

ANTH 3370

ANTH 3371

ANTH 3372

ANTH 3373

ANTH 4308

Change ANTH 4306

Delete ANTH 4305

ANTH 4330

Theatre Arts Program

Catalog Text Change: Clarification and specification of requirements for Theatre Arts minor.

Change THEA 1307

THEA 3300

THEA 3301

THEA 3305

THEA 3307

THEA 3315

THEA 3320

THEA 3340

THEA 3341

THEA 4301

THEA 4302

THEA 4303

THEA 4304

THEA 4308

THEA 4330

THEA 4343

Women’s Studies Program

Add WOMS 3322

WOMS 4327

Change WOMS 3310


Add HONR 4144, 4244, 4344 – Honors Service Learning Opportunities


Add SOCW 3305 – Social Work Research Methods to reflect requirements of CSWE


Department of Kinesiology

Catalog Text Change: To reflect department name change and changes in certification options in Kinesiology, HEED, and Teaching.

Add HEED 4310 Stress management

KINE 4301 Applied management

KINE 3203 Integration of fitness princ. in an instruct. setting

KINE 4335 ECG interpretation

KINE 4330 Program design and administration

KINE 2201 Integration of invasion game princ. in performance

KINE 2202 Integration of net/wall game princ. in performance

KINE 4222 Applying instructional content for children

Change KINE 2330 Care and prevention of athletic injuries

KINE 4389, 4689, 4989 Fitness management internship

KINE 4388, 4688, 4988 Exercise science internship

KINE 3333 Therapeutic modalities

KINE 4300 Applied exercise physiology

HEED 2300 Student health peer training

KINE 3301 Biomechanics of human movement

KINE 3315 Physiology of exercise

KINE 4336 Therapeutic exercise

KINE 4393 Practicum in athletic training techniques

KINE 2130 Clinical practicum I

KINE 4333 Organization and admin. of athletic training

KINE 3130 Clinical practicum II

KINE 3336 Upper and lower extremity evaluation

KINE 3330 Advanced athletic training

KINE 4131 Clinical practicum IV

KINE 4130 Clinical practicum III

KINE 4315 Fitness measurement

KINE 3325 Data Acquisition and management

KINE 1215 Cultural analysis of exercise and sport

KINE 1124 Biophysical principles of human movement laboratory

KINE 1314 Biophysical principles of human movement

KINE 4321 Integration of princ. of exer. and sport: trans. activities

KINE 4320 Integration of princ. of exer. and sport: trans. activities

HEED 3330 Consumer health

HEED 1316 Foundations of health

HEED 3303 Drugs and behavior

HEED 4320 Aging and death

DNCA 0133 Swing dance (change of course title)

KINE 4387 Exercise science practicum

KINE 3388 Theory and application in motor development

KINE 3306 Motor integration

KINE 3304 Adapted exercise and sports activities

DNCE 4332 Choreography

DNCD 4312 Integration and application of principles of dance

Delete EXSS 3220 Lifeguard instructor

EXSS 1120 Track and field

HEED 2340 First aid

HEED 2101 Emergency response

EXSS 1101 Basketball

EXSS 1103 Soccer

EXSS 1105 Volleyball

EXSS 1110 Dance

EXSS 1114 Tennis

EXSS 1116 Tumbling

EXSS 1118 Aquatics

EXSS 2340 Principles of swimming instruction

EXSS 2220 Lifeguard training

EXSA 1241 Beginning gymnastics – women’s events

EXSA 1242 Advanced gymnastics – women’s events

EXSA 1243 Beginning gymnastics – men’s events

EXSA 1244 Advanced gymnastics – men’s events

EXSA 1247 Emergency water safety (lifesaving)

EXSA 1248 Weight management

EXSA 1250 Lifetime fitness

Department of Education Administration

Make the two current degrees and certification programs new degrees with EC-4th grade Teacher Certification.

1. From: Interdisciplinary Studies Degrees with Elementary Teacher Certification and Early Childhood Endorsement

To: Interdisciplinary Studies Degree with EC-4 Generalist Teacher Certification

  1. From: Child Studies Degree with Elementary Teacher Certification and Early Childhood Endorsement

To: Child Studies Degree with EC-4 Generalist Teacher Certification

Add READ 4376 Assessment in literacy learning

ECED 4308 Technology application for teachers of young children

ECED 4310 Special populations and diverse settings

BEEP 3381 Language Minority students: development and assessment

BEEP 3382 Introduction to special language programs

BEEP 4306 Family literacy and second language acquisition

BEEP 4381 Language acquisition and development

BEEP 4382 Literacy instruction in Spanish for the bilingual classroom

BEEP 4383 Teaching content areas in Spanish

BEEP 4384 Literacy methods for ESL/bilingual classrooms

Will be cross-listed with existing graduate courses:

READ 4326 Teaching the Language Arts in secondary schools

READ 4345 Content area reading and writing

READ 4354 Multicultural literature for children

READ 4361 Language learning: Educational perspectives

READ 4362 Literacy instruction in ESL/Bilingual settings

Change ECED 4305 Emergent literacy and literature for young children

ECED 4317 Growth, Development and Learning in Early Childhood

ECED 4318 Foundations in Early Childhood Education

ECED 4687 Residency in Early Childhood-4

READ 4343 Content area reading and writing

Delete ECED 4208 Technology application for teachers of young children

ECED 4209 Play: Environments and education

ECED 4210 Special populations and diverse settings

ECED 4304 Language acquisition and education

ECED 4306 Family literacy and literacy programs for young children

EDUC 3381 Language Minority Students: development and assessment

EDUC 3382 Introduction to special language programs

READ 4377 Elementary content area reading

READ 4382 Literacy instruction in Spanish for the bilingual classroom

READ 4383 Literacy instruction in Spanish in the content areas

READ 4384 Literacy methods for ESL/bilingual classroom

Change from Current Degrees with Elementary Teacher Certification to New Degrees with middle level Teacher Certification.

Other Business. There was no other business.

Remarks by the President. President Witt explained where UTA stands in getting prepared for the legislative session. Kate Kettles, the Director of Governmental Relations, has been spending a great amount of time in Austin. Calls to Metroplex legislators have begun. The general feeling is that this will be a good session for higher education. Issues to be supported this year were listed. We will do everything we can to support the Coordinating Board’s recommendation of a 6% increase in formula funding base rate. We will also be supporting a stair step tuition increase—a certain number of dollars per Semester Credit Hour for a multiple-year period. This form of flexible tuition would be more palatable to a larger percentage of the legislature. Our last tuition increase of $2.00 per Semester Credit Hour covered a 10-year period. We would probably need at least $3.00 per hour extended over several years, but this increase would not begin before Spring 2002.

We will support obtaining tuition revenue bonds with a category 1 top priority of $43 million for a new Science building. The most recently discussed figure for funds available for tuition revenue bonds was $500 million, and President Witt feels this may be higher. One of the biggest impediments to obtaining Coordinating Board approval for a new building is if the campus is considered to be over built. For a period our campus has been considered to be over built because of the enrollment decline. At President Witt’s last visit with the Coordinating Board, agreement was reached that given our enrollment management programs and increases in our posted enrollment, our enrollment projection for the year 2005 will be moved to 23,000. This gives us a 6-figure space deficit, which takes away a major impediment. We believe we have a compelling case for the Science building as well as for some smaller renovation projects.

We will continue to push for full return of indirect costs and for increases in institutional enhancement, faculty and staff salary increases, and address the increased insurance cost. A deregulation bill put together by U.T. System targets a large number of paperwork issues—policies and procedures—that make administering the university even more difficult. We have worked closely with the Comptroller’s office and the Legislative Budget Board, and believe there will be strong bipartisan support for eliminating many of those policies and procedures, simplifying the administration of the University.

The issue of flagships will come up. This is a status that has to be earned and resources need to be allocated to components that demonstrate the ability to be a center of excellence.

Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.




Zack Prince