The University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Assembly



The Undergraduate Assembly met in regular session on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room. President Robert E. Witt presided.

Attendance. Professors Rebecca Deen, Rasika Dias, Fred MacDonnell, and Tom Watts were excused. Professors Tom Chrzanowski, Chris Shook, Craig Slinkman, and Student Representative Rohan Theophilus were absent.

Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the November 7, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.

Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Committee Chair Peggy Quinn stated that Dana Dunn, Vice President for Academic Affairs had asked the committee to consider whether academic units would want to recognize a student’s passing an online distance education course as meeting the requirement for computer proficiency. The committee didn’t feel they could ensure that any online course would meet all of the requirements and asked the Assembly to discuss this issue. While some felt using this mechanism would be a good idea, it was agreed that not all requirements would be met in a typical online course. This issue was referred back to the committee to ask the Center for Distance Education to recommend a formal proposal.

Professor Quinn then presented the following proposals that were all approved by the Assembly.

Core Curriculum addition for Social/Cultural Studies

Add CRCJ 3338 Juvenile Justice System

CRCJ 3380 Ethnic & Gender Issues in Criminal Justice

CRCJ 4315 Criminal Careers & Behavior Systems

CRCJ 4380 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

ANTH 3370 Archaeology of the Prehistoric Aegean

ANTH 3371 Archaeology of Greece

ANTH 3372 Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

ANTH 4322 Archaeology of Egypt


Department of Art and Art History

Catalog Text Change: Social/Cultural Studies, Departmental Faculty Listing

Change ART 1301

ART 4364

Department of Communication

Catalog Text Change: Sequence Changes, Departmental Faculty Listing, Social/Cultural Studies

Change COMM 3301

COMM 4327

COMM 4335

PREL 4316

SPCH 3315

Department of English

Catalog Text Change: Social/Cultural Studies

Department of Foreign Languages

Catalog Text Change: Ibero-American Studies

Department of History

Catalog Text Change: History core requirements, University core requirements, Teacher Certification, Departmental Faculty Listing

Add HIST 4378

GEOG 2401

GEOG 2409

GEOG 4350

Change HIST 3330

HIST 3362

HIST 3378

HIST 4348

HIST 4349

HIST 4352

HIST 4368

HIST 4369

Delete HIST 3308

HIST 3312

HIST 3313

HIST 3314

HIST 3343

HIST 3344

HIST 3346

HIST 3347

HIST 3376

HIST 3377

HIST 3379

HIST 3381

HIST 3385

HIST 3386

HIST 3387

HIST 3388

HIST 4371

HIST 4387

HIST 4389

GEOG 1455

GEOG 1465

GEOG 3309

GEOG 3343

Mexican American Studies

Add MAS 4350

Department of Music

Catalog Text Change: Music Theatre Sightsinging/Ear Training Requirements

Music Literature Requirement

All Level and Secondary Certification

Departmental Faculty Listing

Music Theatre, Business and Media Elective Change

Social/Cultural Studies

Add MUSI 1105

MUSI 3101

MUSI 3208

MUSI 3209

MUSI 3312

MUSI 3391

MUSI 4101

MUSI 4312

Department of Philosophy and Humanities

Catalog Text Change: Classical Studies Pre-Law Option requirement

Philosophy Pre-Law Option requirement

Department of Political Science

Catalog Text Change: Departmental Faculty Listing

Program Description

Elimination of 3 hours of science requirement; change in Fine Arts requirement and social/cultural studies

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts/Pre-Law Option

Policy/Public Administration Option changes

Requirements for International Studies Option

Changes in layout of course titles

Add POLS 3308

Change POLS 3305

POLS 3307

POLS 3310

POLS 3312

POLS 3316

POLS 3330

POLS 3333

POLS 4327

POLS 4328

POLS 4330

POLS 4332

POLS 4333

POLS 4393

POLS 4395

Delete POLS 4304

POLS 4315

POLS 4431

POLS 4387

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Catalog Text Change: Social/Cultural Studies (SOCI)/Social/Cultural Studies (ANTH)

Change ANTH 3324

Delete ANTH 3343

Women’s Studies

Delete WOMS 3308

WOMS 3312

WOMS 3313

WOMS 3314

WOMS 3381


Establish the Honors American Studies Sequence, which will fulfill, for Honors students, the University core requirements in History, Political Science, and Literature. The American Studies Sequence introduces students to the American experience through a multidisciplinary investigation of the concepts, theories, and phenomena of past and present in the United States.

Add HONR 1100

HONR 2311

HONR 2312

HONR 2611

HONR 2312


Add SOCW 4310


Department of Geology

Addition of certificate program in Geographic Information systems (GIS)

Add GEOL 4443

Department of Psychology

Add PSYC 3302

PSYC 3353

PSYC 4336

PSYC 4356

Department of Biology

Add BIOL 3360

Revised curriculum for Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology


Add BEEP 4687

Other Business. There was no other business.

Remarks by the President. President Witt explained that activity for the legislative session is picking up. We have already been spending time in Austin making calls, and will be spending a day or two a week there. The President is still hearing positive comments that this will be a good session for higher education.

The President was asked if Feast of Carols would be resurrected. He responded that this event was suspended due to construction around the University Center, but at the present time there are no plans to bring it back. It would require a substantial investment because costumes would have to be replaced.

Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.