Meeting Dates

October 3, 2000

November 7, 2000

December 5, 2000

February 27, 2001

April 24, 2001


Index of Discussions and Actions



Date Presented      Topic                                   Action


10/3/01   Academic Calendar for 2002-2003                   Approved

10/3/01   New members introduced                            --

10/3/01   Parliamentarian elected                           --

10/3/01   Certification of Degree Candidates

delegated to Registrar                            Approved


Academic Standards Committee Proposals:


2/27/01   Graduation with Honors policy change              Approved

2/27/01   AFP discontinuance                                Approved

2/27/01   Honors College increase in admission

requirements                                      Approved

2/27/01   College of Business admission and graduation

policy change                                     Approved

2/27/01   College of Engineering admission policy           Approved


Commencement Committee Proposals:


2/27/01   Generic commence program with single page

addendum                                          Approved


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Proposals:



12/5/00   Meeting Computer Proficiency requirements with

online DE course                                  Referred back

                                                            to committee

12/5/00   Social/Cultural Studies Core Curriculum addition  Approved

4/24/01   Articulation Agreement and Joint Statement of

Mutual Cooperation between UTA and Texas Tech

University Health Science Center School of

Pharmacy New Degree Programs                      Approved


10/3/00   BA in Biology (for teaching certification or

fields requiring less math and chemistry)         Approved

2/27/01   Six-Year BA-JD program with Texas Wesleyan

School of Law                                     Tabled

4/24/01   Six-Year BA-JD program with Texas Wesleyan

School of Law resubmission                        Approved


     Non-substantive Changes


10/3/00   Science                                           Approved

11/7/00   Liberal Arts                                      Approved

11/7/00   Honors College                                    Approved

11/7/00   Social Work                                       Approved

11/7/00   Education                                         Approved

12/5/00   Liberal Arts                                      Approved

12/5/00   Honors College                                    Approved

12/5/00   Social Work                                       Approved

12/5/00   Science                                           Approved

12/5/00   Education                                         Approved

2/27/01   Social Work                                       Approved

2/27/01   Nursing                                           Approved

2/27/01   Science                                           Approved

2/27/01   Liberal Arts                                      Approved

2/27/01   Business                                          Approved

2/27/01   Education                                         Approved

2/27/01   Honors College                                    Approved

2/27/01   Engineering                                       Approved

4/24/01   Science                                           Approved

4/24/01   Honors College                                    Approved

4/24/01   Education                                         Approved

4/24/01   Engineering                                       Approved