Meeting Dates

October 9, 2001

November 27, 2001

February 19, 2002

April 16, 2002


Index of Discussions and Actions



Date Presented Topic Action


10/9/01 New members introduced --

10/9/01 Parliamentarian elected --

10/9/01 Secretary elected --

10/9/01 Certification of degree candidates delegated to Registrar Approved


Registration, Calendar and Scheduling Committee Proposals:


10/9/01 Academic calendar for 2003-2004 Approved


Academic Standards Committee Proposals:


11/27/01 Admission requirement revised for undergraduate

transfer students Approved

4/16/02 Residency Requirements provision (b) eliminated Approved


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Proposals




10/9/01 Exercise/Sports Activity classes designation modified

for elective credit Approved

10/9/01 College of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

will accept technical coursework as transfer credit

added to articulation agreement with community colleges Approved

11/27/01 Professional Program in Accounting (PPIA) modified

so that students can earn a BS in Accounting degree Approved

2/19/01 New course add and change forms available on web --


New degree programs:


10/9/01 Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice degree

added to Criminology and Criminal Justice online

degree completion program Approved

10/9/01 Bachelor of Science in Biological Chemistry Approved

11/27/01 Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages dual

language degree Approved


Non-substantive changes:


10/9/01 Science Approved

11/27/01 Engineering Approved

11/27/01 Liberal Arts Approved

11/27/01 Honors Approved

11/27/01 Science Approved

2/19/02 Business Approved

2/19/02 Nursing Approved

4/16/02 Liberal Arts Approved

4/16/02 Science Approved

4/16/02 Engineering Approved

4/16/02 Education Approved

4/16/02 Business Approved