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Administrative Reviews

Review of Academic Administrators

The following administrators are subject to review during the current academic year:

 Scott D. Ryan, MSW, MBA, Ph.D.
 Dean, School of Social Work

  Curriculum Vitae  Accomplishments  Goals/Plans

Reviews for the following two administrators were completed during 2013-14.

 Karl Michael Petruso, Ph.D.
 Dean, Honors College

  Curriculum Vitae  Last 5 Years  Next 5 Years  Questionnaire  Review Summary

 Beth S. Wright, Ph.D.
 Dean, College of Liberal Arts

  Curriculum Vitae  Reflective Statement Goals Questionnaires: FacultyAdvisory CouncilAlumni  Review Summary

Review of Faculty holding endowed positions

The following faculty are subject to review during the current academic year:



Guaranteed Tuition Plan

Average undergraduate tuition for students enrolled in 12 semester credit hours is $9,292 annually. The new Guaranteed Tuition Plan allows students to lock in current rates and save up to $4,000 off the cost of a four-year degree.

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