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Classification of Graduate Teaching Assistants on MyMav

According to UT Arlington's Graduate Student Handbook, GTAs may be required to give presentations, conduct demonstrations, lead discussions, administer tests and assist with grading; but they are not responsible for officially assigning final grades to students enrolled in the course. This is the responsibility of the faculty member who is being assisted by the GTA. UT Arlington identifies the person with grading authority as the "instructor of record" and that person's name is the one that appears as the instructor on the official class roll.

Advanced students who have a master's degree or equivalent and who have completed 18 hours of graduate study in the teaching discipline may serve as an instructor of record including all grading for one or more undergraduate classes.

Departments providing access to GTAs to MyMav to assist an instructor must ensure that students are classified as TAs under the "Instructor Role" category, and not as instructors with a teaching percentage. Please see the screenshot example below: