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1. What if a GTA is assisting the primary instructor, how is their workload figured?

GTAs and GRAs are not to be included in the Faculty Workload Report unless they are instructors of record (delivering the majority of the instruction and assigning grades). They should be coded as TAs in the MyMav Instructor Assignment page. The assignment type should be CB Exclude, the Autocalc checkbox should be unchecked and the load factor and workload boxes should be blank. If a GTA or GRA is considered the primary instructor, they must also have faculty credentials (CCQ) on file.

2. What if the GTA is responsible for teaching a lab?

If the lab is part of the course grade, GRAs/GTAs are not primary instructors and should be coded as TAs and not part of the Faculty Workload Report.

3. What is the difference between GRAs and GTAs?

GRAs should not be teaching or assisting a faculty member with their course by grading, but instead should be conducting research. If teaching, these students should be re-assigned as GTAs with assistance from the Office of Human Resources and if funded by a grant, informing the Office of Grants and Contracts.

4. What about combined courses with undergraduate and graduate students?

Combined courses will earn graduate course TLCs (Teaching Learning Credit) of 4.5 if the graduate course reaches the minimum enrollment (10 graduate students during Fall and Spring semesters). If the minimum graduate enrollment is not reached, proportional credit will be given.

5. What is the minimum workload for a full-time tenured faculty member?

For Fall and Spring, the minimum teaching load credit for each semester (TLC) is 9. The minimum workload for a tenured or tenure track faculty member is 18 TLCs for the academic year.

6. What is the minimum workload for a non-tenure track (NTT) faculty member?

Non-tenure track faculty must meet the minimum workload based on their percent appointment. If the expected workload for full-time NTT faculty member in your college/school or department is 12 undergraduate credit hours per semester (four courses per semester), a part-time NTT faculty member teaching two courses would have a TLC of six and an FTE of .5 for that semester.