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Academy of Distinguished Scholars

Election to the Academy of Distinguished Scholars represents the most prestigious research and scholarship award of the University.  The Academy consists of tenured faculty members who have made sustained and significant contributions to research and creative activity and who have achieved significant national and international recognition in their field. Prior to their election to the Academy, the members had received the Distinguished Record of Research or Creative Activity Award or the Outstanding Research Achievement or Creative Accomplishment Award, or both.

The Academy exemplifies the University's commitment to quality research and creative activity and brings richly deserved recognition to dedicated scholars. The goals are to advocate the importance of research and creative activity, to create an appropriate reward structure for scholars, to promote a sense of community among scholars, to serve as role models, to foster research and creative activity, and to advise the institution on research policies and practices.

Faculty members selected for the Academy earn the permanent designation of Distinguished University Professor. New members may serve as active members of the Academy for a period of six years.

Current Members of the Academy

Past Members

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