Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship Packages

Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship Packages

Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship Packages are available on a competitive basis to students beginning their first semester of study in UT Arlington doctoral or doctoral-bound programs. These packages provide tuition coverage and a competitive assistantship stipend for up to five years. For students in STEM programs, this support may consist of some combination of Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantships (EGTAs) with full tuition fellowships, graduate teaching assistantships with STEM tuition fellowships, or grant-funded research assistantships with STEM tuition fellowships. Requirements include a 50% graduate assistantship, full-time enrollment, and unconditional admission.

Minimum Requirements

Eligible candidates will:

  • be students seeking a Doctoral Degree
  • be starting their first semester in a UT Arlington graduate program
  • hold one of the GTA stipends funded at the enhanced rate starting in their first semester of enrollment
  • have a GTA appointment of 50% time
  • have a GPA of at least 3.0 in their last 60 undergraduate credit hours plus at least a 3.25 GPA in any graduate level credit hours
  • be unconditionally admitted to their degree program 
  • satisfy English proficiency requirements necessary to hold a graduate teaching assistantship
  • be enrolled in a minimum of 9 hours in courses related to their programs of work in both long semesters to qualify for and retain their fellowships

Other College of Science Criteria

The above are the minimum requirements. The Department Committee will evaluate the candidate’s credentials and take into account other factors such as recommendation letters from faculty mentors, prior contacts with either the candidate or mentor or other faculty as relevant. Performance in standardized tests, while obviously useful for evaluations will be one set of criteria but not the only one. However, standardized test performance cannot be the sole or primary determinant of a decision to end consideration of applicant for this award. By the same token, it is emphasized that the above requirements represent only the minimum in terms of committee considerations. Clearly, excellence in academic performance and potential to satisfactorily complete the graduate curriculum coupled with evidence for research talent will weigh heavily toward award of the Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantship and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship.

The Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantship and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship will not be in effect during Summer Terms. However, a limited amount of summer support depending on departmental needs and funding may be available through regular GTA appointments. These appointments typically provide some but not full tuition benefits.

The offer is subject to all relevant provisions of the Graduate Assistantship Policy of the University. It is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all pre-employment screening requirements, including a criminal background check for security sensitive positions.


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