Helpful Hints for Applying to the UTA Psychology Program

Helpful Hints for Applying to the UTA Psychology Program


Due to the limited number of graduate student positions and the large number of highly qualified applicants, the Department of Psychology Admissions Committees typically make most of the admissions decisions for the Fall semester during the previous Spring semester. It is recommended that applicants who wish to be considered for Fall semester admission into the Department of Psychology's graduate programs complete all steps of the application process on or before February 1.

On all forms and in all correspondence, clearly identify yourself as an applicant to the Psychology Department.

Take the initiative to call or e-mail the department to determine if all materials have reached us.

If you wish, include a self-addressed postcard with the materials you send to the department (especially letters of recommendation). We will mail the card(s) back to you as your materials are received.

Remind the individuals who will submit your references to mail the references early and check with them to see if they have done so.

Please arrange to have materials mailed to the correct office

  • GRE scores go to the Graduate School at the University of Texas at Arlington
  • Transcripts, application fee, and Graduate School Application are to be sent to the Graduate School
  • The Departmental Application, Letters of Recommendation and your Statement of Purpose are to be sent directly to the Graduate Advisor, Department of Psychology


If you have any additional questions, please contact the graduate advisors:


Graduate Psychology Advisors
Dr. William Ickes
Chair, CGS 817-272-2775
Dr. Jared Kenworthy Experimental 817-272-0746
Dr. Perry Fuchs Health 817-272-3427
Dr. Paul Paulus Industrial / Organizational 817-272-1206


  • Phone 817.272.2281
    Fax 817.272.2364


Department of Psychology, Box 19528, Arlington, Texas 76019
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