Dr. Craig T. Nagoshi

Dr. Craig T. Nagoshi

  • Associate professor of Psychology and Social Work
  • Email: cnagoshi@uta.edu
  • Phone: (817) 272-5030
  • Address: Room 410, Life Sciences Bldg.
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    Description of Research:


    Gender identity and gender-based prejudice; religiosity and psychological functioning; alcohol and drug use/abuse.


    Recent Publications:

    Nagoshi, J., & Nagoshi, C. (2008).  Plastic surgery, tattooing, and piercing.  In Lind, A., & Brzuzy, S. (Eds.), Battleground:  Women, Gender, and Sexuality (pp. 389-395).  Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group.

    Nagoshi, J. L., Adams, K. A., Terrell, H. K., Hill, E. D., Brzuzy, S., & Nagoshi, C. T. (2008).  Gender differences in correlates of homophobia and transphobia.  Sex Roles, 59, 521-531.

    Terrell, H. K., Hill, E. D., & Nagoshi, C. T. (2008).  Gender differences in aggression:  The role of status and personality in competitive interactions.  Sex Roles, 59, 814-826.

    Terrell, H. K., Patock-Peckham, J. A., & Nagoshi, C. T. (2009).  Effects of gender, status, and mating cues on expected aggressive responses.  Aggressive Behavior, 35, 259-273.

    Hill, E. D., Terrell, H. K., Hladkyj, S., & Nagoshi, C. T. (2009).  Validation of the Narrative Emplotment Scale and its correlations with well-being and psychological adjustment.  British Journal of Psychology, 100, 675-698.

    Rethorst, C. D., Landers, D. M., Nagoshi, C. T., & Ross, J. T. D. (2010). The efficacy of exercise in reducing depressive symptoms across 5-HTTLPR genotypes.  Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 42, 2141-2147.

    Hill, E. D., Terrell, H. K., Cohen, A. B., & Nagoshi, C. T. (2010).  Social cognitive mediators of the religious fundamentalism-prejudice relationship.  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 49, 724-739.

    Rethorst, C. D., Landers, D. M., Nagoshi, C. T., & Ross, J. T. D. (2011).  The association of 5-HTTLPR genotype and depressive symptoms is moderated by physical activity.  Journal of Psychiatric Research, 45, 185-189.

    Wipfli, B., Landers, D., Nagoshi, C., & Ringenbach, S. (2011).  An examination of serotonin and psychological variables in the relationship between exercise and mental health.  Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 21, 474–481.

    Nagoshi, C. T. (2012).  Behavioral genetics.  In Ramachandran, V. S. (ed.), Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, 2nd ed. Vol. 1.  San Diego: Academic Press, Inc.  Pp. 301-310.

    Nagoshi, C. T. & Nagoshi, J. L. (2012).  Being human versus being transhuman: The mind-body problem and lived experience.  In Tirosh-Samuelson, H., and Mossman, K. L. (eds).  Building better humans?: Refocusing the transhumanist debate.  Frankfurt: Peter Lang GmbH.  Pp. 303-319.   


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