Faculty by Interest

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Dr. Daniel S. Levine

Cognitive-emotional interactions.
Frontal lobe function.
Brain executive function.
Human decision-making.
Neural networks


Dr. Lauri Jensen-Campbell

Temperament and Emotion
Behavior Problems and Psychopathology
Quantitative and Molecular Genetics
Behavioral Assessment


Dr. Robert Gatchel

Health Psychology
Pain: Etiology, Assessment, and Management
Psychophysiology of stress and emotions

Dr. Angela Liegey-Dougall

Determinants and health effects of chronic stress.
Psychoneuro Immunology
Advanced statistical models for longitudinal data analysis


Dr. Nicolette Hass

Organizational justice and fairness.
Job analysis and competency modeling.
Organizational decision making
Expatriate/Repatriate workers

Dr. Kelsey Medeiros

Organizational ethics and ethical decision-making.
Creativity and innovation
Corporate social responsibility

Dr. Amber Schroeder

Employee and organizational technology use.
Prosocial and antisocial employee behavior
Personality and individual culture


Dr. William Ickes  

Empathic accuracy and naturalistic social cognition.
Personality influences in two-person interactions


Dr. Perry Fuchs
Behavioral neuroscience.
Central and peripheral physiology

Dr. Qing Lin

Mechanisms of  Neurogenic Inflammation-Induced Pain

Dr. Yuan Bo Peng

Central and peripheral neural mechanisms of pain

Dr. Linda Perrotti

Molecular mechanisms of addictive behaviors


Dr. Jared Kenworthy

Group processes and intergroup relations.
Intergroup bias, conflict and threat.
Intergroup contact.
Crossed and multiple categorizations.

Dr. Craig Nagoshi

Gender identity and gender-based prejudice.
Alcohol/Drug use/Abuse
Religiosity/Spirituality and Psychological functioning

Dr. Paul B. Paulus 

Group Behavior, Group Creativity
Environmental psychology