Dr. Madeline Rex-Lear

Dr. Madeline Rex-Lear

  • Assistant Professor of Practice
  • Email: rexlear@uta.edu
  • Phone: 817-272-2281
  • Address: Room 408, Life Sciences Bldg.
  • Website: Click to View
  • Research Interests

    Although my main focus is teaching, I enjoy collaborating with other faculty (and students) on research projects. I have examined physical and psychological correlates in independent living elderly individuals. I expanded this research into victimization and health correlates for individuals in the workplace, as well as bullying intervention strategies for children and adolescents. I would like to extend my research on interventions for adults in the workplace, which involves the mental health industry in many facets, including resiliency and coping mechanisms that can be employed by individuals to help buffer the costs of being victimized.


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