Social Personality Research

Social / Personality Research

Group Processes

  • Research in the various factors that influence the effectiveness of group and team functioning.  Special focus in group creativity or the ability of groups to generate novel ideas.

Personality and Social Interaction

  • Research on unstructured social interaction, including personality influences on initial interactions and empathic accuracy (everyday mind reading).  Other research focuses on newly-identified personality traits such as strength of sense-of-self and affect intensity for anger and frustration (AIAF).

Personality and Social Behavior Center

  • Research in individual differences and the ways they moderate social behavior in children, adolescents and young adults and research into the development of effortful control.

Intergroup Relations

  • Our research investigates the various ways in which social group membership (political affiliations, nationality, religion, sports teams, etc.) affects cognition, emotion, attitudes, and behavior. General research topics include intergroup bias, prejudice, and stereotyping.

Perception and Attention.

  • Research on what changes to objects will disrupt object-based attention phenomena.