Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research


“Many of the goals of the Center are reflected in the peer-reviewed scientific journal JABR, for which Dr. Gatchel is the Editor-in-Chief. JABR publishers translational research that reports laboratory, field, and cohort-based research in areas such as: the impact of chronic illnesses on health, function, and activities of daily living; the effects of socioeconomic status on chronic illnesses; community-based preventive interventions to reduce the development of chronic illnesses; effects of stress on health and disease; the comorbidity of mental and physical health disorders; cultural barriers to modifying health behaviors; gender differences in health; genetic influences on health and behavior; evidence-based approaches to help better manage chronic illnesses; and monitoring, evaluation, and randomized controlled trials related to documenting intervention effectiveness. Our interdisciplinary and inter-professional field has grown exponentially over the past decades. Behavioral science components are now well recognized as major factors in the prevention and treatment of disease, as well as the maintenance of health and wellness. The knowledge and skills related to this field are relevant to all health professionals, and the healthcare system itself. It is not a field limited to studying psychology as the science of behavior, although psychologists are major contributors to its growth. It is also a core science for the preparation of other health professions, as illustrated by the inclusion of behavioral science in the recently revised examination for admission to medical school (MEDCAT).

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