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Crash Course
Art 3341: Sculpture

8-10:50 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays
Room 161, Studio Arts Center

Instructor: Dalton Maroney, art associate professor

Catalog description: An exploration of sculptural forms, concepts and methods through various media. Emphasis is on contemporary processes and individual expression.

About the professor: A member of the art faculty since 1979, Maroney?s sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museums since 1970. He has shown in one-man exhibitions at Foster Goldstrom Gallery in New York (1991) and the Pittsburgh State University Gallery (1996). Recent solo exhibitions include the William Campbell Contemporary Gallery in Fort Worth in 2000 and the Texas State University Gallery in San Marcos in 2001. His work is among many permanent art collections in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Anchorage, Houston and Dallas.

Required reading: The Sculptural Idea by Kelly; Sculpture: Tools, Materials and Techniques by Verhelst. Other directed readings from art periodicals and/or the Internet.

Course format: Studio. Assignments are usually introduced via slide lecture and/or technical demonstration. Tests are rarely given, but sometimes a brief paper is required. Occasional field trips are taken to local museum and gallery exhibitions. Guest artists give talks and sometimes demonstrate techniques and processes. The class is limited to 15 students due to the size of the facility and equipment.

What the prof says: "The students are expected to learn the fundamental approaches to conceiving, designing and constructing three-dimensional art objects. The three basic forms of sculpture--additive, subtractive and substitutive--are studied and practiced through assignments, lectures and demonstrations. Historical perspective on the development of sculpture is achieved through lectures and/or readings. Primarily, the coursework is the production of sculptural objects through a variety of materials and processes. Upon completion of the course, students should know how to approach the creative expression of a three-dimensional sculptural object. They should have knowledge and safe use of various tools and equipment (woodworking, welding, etc.) and should know three basic sculpture methods and at least one artist whose work exemplifies that method."

Pop quiz
Match the basic sculpture method with the artist whose work exemplifies the method.
1. additive
2. subtractive
3. substitutive

a. Constantin Brancusi
b. Henry Moore
c. Richard Serra







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