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Designing the future - Guiding Principles

Physical Elements

  • Create a sense of place and strong identity throughout campus using landmarks, gateway buildings and improved pedestrian bridges.

  • Complement the City of Arlington Downtown Master Plan with a seamless transition between the campus and downtown, and then establish a link with the future stadium town center at I-30.

Academic Advancement

  • Use the latest technologies to enhance teaching spaces while ensuring flexibility to accommodate various learning styles and to strengthen the University’s multidisciplinary comprehensive research core.

  • Use civic art, open spaces and University symbols to build a stronger, richer, more traditional college campus with an enhanced reputation in the community, state and nation.

People Programs

  • Encourage student achievement through an enriching University experience by creating culturally diverse community hubs that integrate housing, open spaces and academic facilities.

  • Engage the broader community as learners, teachers and partners in the development and growth of the University and downtown Arlington through a welcoming, accessible campus that opens outward.

Natural Places

  • Create a campus of outdoor rooms, shaded gardens and activity hubs punctuated with water features and interconnected by tree-lined pedestrian malls.

  • The campus respects and is informed by the natural regional systems in the use of native plants, climate-responsive outdoor spaces and good stewardship of water.

Responsible Implementation

  • Identify the full and responsible capacity for growth within the University’s existing boundary by transforming underused parcels into sustainable buildings and open space.

  • Encourage walking, biking and the use of transit throughout the University and downtown by keeping automobiles to the periphery of campus in structured parking accessed by pedestrian-friendly streets.

Source: “Campus Master Plan Update and Design Guidelines 2005-2020.”

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