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Everything you want to know about the branding initiative
The new logo, advertising, research methods and costs were among the topics on chatters' minds following the Feb. 15 brand launch. President James D. Spaniolo and Alumni Association Executive Director Christina Cobb answered questions from more than 100 online Mavs Chat participants.
You've seen them. Print, billboard and online advertisements of students working hand in hand with professors to achieve creative distinction and scientific breakthroughs. Here's a closer look.
The first advertisements promoting the 'Be A Maverick' brand featured professors reflected, literally, in the work of their students. The concept illustrates how these active learning duos are achieving creative distinction in filmmaking and scientific breakthroughs in tuberculosis and fuel efficiency research.
Bright minds and distinctive personalities thrive at UT Arlington
Meet members of the UT Arlington community who chose to travel down only one path--the one they created for themselves. They're bright minds, independent thinkers, free spirits, intellectual adventurers--distinctive personalities with passion and ambition. They're mavericks.
Breaking down barriers
Connecting business and music
Behind the scene of the crime
The language of learning
Self-made man
Search and rescue
Running toward success
Emergency manager
In defense of his country
Scientific science fiction
The good doctor
Opera man
High-tech history
Building the Alaskan frontier
Municipal mom stands on principles
A book with no cover
Perfectly legal


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