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Vasudev Rangadass ('96 PhD)

Vasudev Rangadass
Alumnus Vasudev Rangadass is CEO of Net.Orange, a health care software development start-up. He is also a life member of the Alumni Association and contributes via the Circle of Pride.

The University of Texas at Arlington is a long way from Vasudev Rangadass’ home of Hyderabad, India. A friend was pursuing graduate studies at the University, and Rangadass decided to do the same. It is a choice he doesn’t regret.

“I have many wonderful memories of being a student at UTA,” says Dr. Rangadass, who received a Ph.D. in computer science engineering in 1996 and serves on the department’s industry advisory board. “I used to work at the Automation & Robotics Research Institute. I had many wonderful professors who taught me a lot, and I made lifelong friends I cherish to this day.”

Rangadass is a life member of the Alumni Association, which gives him a way to stay connected. He also contributes to the Alumni Association via the Circle of Pride, a program that allows life members to provide additional, annual support.

He likes the idea of helping fund events, programs and scholarships even though he is no longer a student.

“This was my way to give back to the University and the community that helped me be what I am today,” says Rangadass, who lives in Arlington with his wife, Mala, and their daughters, Priyanka and Katya.

What he is today is a successful entrepreneur. After working for i2 technologies for 18 years, he is CEO of a start-up company, Net.Orange, which develops software for the health care industry.

“We started the company with one goal in mind: helping health care professionals simplify their processes in order to provide superior service to patients,” he said.

Rangadass believes that it takes more than business to make an economy thrive, which is why he is so adamant about supporting UT Arlington.

“Education centers of excellence are critical for the ongoing survival of local economies,” he says, “and keeping UTA thriving is critical for Arlington.”

— Camille Rogers

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