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I am used to reading The Georgia Tech Alumni magazine which is full color and the photography is amazing.  There are such interesting and unique stories about previous alumni as well as alumni news.
UTA and it's Alumni should try and do everything it possibly can to get the football program reinstated. It is a shame and disgrace that football was ever allowed to be removed from the University of Texas at Arlington.
I really do not know what to say that would improve the magazine. I look forward to reading about what is happening at the alma mater. I like to hear news about former classmates. Though it saddens me, I want to know if someone has passed away.
very limited use of this magazine - I wouldn't miss it if it didn't come in my campus mailbox
get a football team for uta.voice support for it in the magazine
no suggestions
Question stems did not align with the response scale, so I couldn't answer those questions.
More Liberal Arts stories. Show more UTA Future plans.
My time at NTAC is so far in the past that it is a Rosy Glow and unrelated to today - But the memories are great and I cherish them.

Don't ever lose John Dycus!  (copy editor)
More faculty research articles
I always look through and read articles of interest. I feel it is a very good magazine.  I have no real connection except through my daughter who coaches. I am however very proud of the university and have seen it improve greatly in the past few years.
Readability of type - our older eyes need help.  If the effort to read is too hard - we quit.

Can't think of any. Loved the recent feature on the film studies program - didn't know it existed!  Thanks.
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Contact information for returning students.  A process outline for steps to take to return to school after a long period of time away from the University environment.

profile in academic dept; report on sports other than wheelchair basketball
More color pictures; features about the achievements of alumni/faculty.
Some humor
I scan the magazine when it comes in and look for news of people I know.
I would appreciate some news of faculty and retired faculty members
I have had no connection with UTA other than contributing to the computer museum.  Therefore I really do not read the magazine.
More history!
Keep up the good work. I especially appreciate the way you write about scientific and technical items that can be understood and enjoyed by the lay person. One recommendation - cover photos of people should show healthy and people who will be around for awhile. The graduate who was terminally ill was a good story but the cover was off.  Not something one wants to be reminded of on the beautiful cover.  Maybe receiving diploma in a "long shot" would make one less uneasy or "guilty" for one's good health.
More pictures of alumni/stories
More pictures
I did not attend UTA, but my brother taught in the Modern Language Department.  I read articles dealing with that area.
The Alumni Magazine is excellent.  Keep up the good work!
Enjoy the article on "famous" graduates! Also, community involvement, Keep up good work!
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Please don't send me the magazine anymore.  My grand daughter no longer goes there and I find the magazine boring and irrelevant.  Carolyn Buccola
More stories about community involvement/outreach
This questionnaire will make me read it closer from now on.  I did not realize I valued it so much till I received this questionnaire which to me is an unspoken try to switch to entirely online, a DISASTER.

Work of UTA graduates helping students (internships, alumni hiring new grads, etc.)

Little more info about University history.
If more students of my era would have kept in touch!
I am not an alumni of UTA, therefore I usually don't read the magazine.  I don't know why I receive it.
More articles on Recent graduate - success stories.
Short articles on the new dorms and life in them.  Maybe a collage of the new buildings at UTA < 10 years old). An update on former student leaders (SC president, Mr./Miss UTA, etc.) or the championship football team (1980).

No specific suggestions. Ok "as is".
My daughter is attending UTA, this is her second year!
No comments
It's fantastic
Look at SMU's magazine
I went to NTAC and AU State.  I like to read online but also like to have printed copies to show guest.
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Continue with stories from the past that established traditions or tell today's students about why or how certain events and phrases evolved.
I did not attend UTA, and I do not know why I receive this magazine.  I donated some money to the softball team because I have a former student playing.
Magazine continues to get better! Bravo for Mark
Keeps alumni like me connected, so information on current events in UTA should be given more focus.
You do a good job.  I was interested in the detective work.  Maybe more along those lines would be helpful.
More pages, more humor, more controversy, more funding
The magazine has evolved into a good looking and more information publication over the years.
I think the quality of the magazine is excellent - paper, printing, illustrations.  I would like to see the very early classes and successes represented - ask us for what you want and one will send it to you.

You are doing a wonderful job with this magazine. Keep up the good work (Inez Henley)
I enjoy reading the UTA Magazine and find that it keeps me informed about the great things happening at UT Arlington.  I look forward to new issues and would enjoy receiving it more frequently.  Perhaps quarterly rather than 3 times per year.

I think the magazine is directed more to employees of UTA than alumni.
Keep providing more alumni stories - the more we expose our outstanding graduates, the better they will stay connected to UTA.  How about profiling new alumni members and how they are staying involved?