Judy and Dennis Reinhartz

Judy and Dennis Reinhartz After more than 30 years at UTA, Professors Dennis and Judy Reinhartz have become an integral part of the university community. Just as importantly, the University has become a force in their lives.

The benefits go both ways.
Dennis, professor of history and Russian, and Judy, professor of science education, invest much of their time and talents in UTA. “Over 30-plus years, we’ve given a lot of ourselves, and not just money,” Dennis said.
The Employee Roundhouse Scholarships, awards for faculty/staff members and their immediate families, are a testament to the couple’s generosity. “We try to give in many ways,” Judy said. “We support individuals. It’s important to help people reach their goals.”
Much of this giving focuses on the UTA Libraries. “Primarily, we give to the library because it is a university-wide institution,” Judy said. “It is the heart of the University.”
Their library contributions include adopting two journals, Science and Children and Science Scope, both used by Judy’s undergraduate and graduate science education students. 
“The students here have been so outstanding,” she said. “We want to support them because they give back so much to us.”
Dennis’ history expertise and his association with the library also motivate the couple to search out and donate valuable maps and books to Special Collections.
“We don’t like to be pigeonholed into one area,” he said. “Our base is pretty broad.”
Through their estate planning, the Reinhartzes are members of the elite Carlisle Society, a group of supporters who have designated the University as a beneficiary in their wills, charitable trusts, gift annuities and other deferred gift arrangements.
“Even after we leave, our support will continue,” Judy said. “We’re pretty entrenched in the University. We just hope that people see the University as the center of the extended community. We have a lot of talented people here.”

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