2003 Distinguished Alumni Gala
Photo album

Gala Photo
Capt. Joel Coleman, Maj. Kevin Smith, Military Science honoree Zack Prince and Lt. Col. George Shuplinkov.

Gala  Photo
Paul Robinson and School of Nursing honoree Mary Clark Robinson.

Gala Photo
School of Urban and Public Affairs honoree Susan McAvoy, center, with family and friends.

Gala Photo
Distinguished Alumni Service honoree Karen Borta, in red, with her former UTA sorority sisters.

Gala Photo
Joel Ward, second form right on the front row, organized a group photograph of current and former cadets.

Gala Photo
Craig Zemmin, Charles Sorber, College of Liberal Arts honoree Graciela Berlanga-Cortez and Beth Wright.

Gala Photo
Darwyn Happel, Tom Cravens, Athletics Department honoree Brian Happel and Diane Cravens.

Gala Photo
Gill Mayfield and College of Education honoree Juli Mayfield.

Gala Photo
Kirsten Dodge, Richard Dodge, School of Architecture honoree Sharon Odum and Donald Gatzke.

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