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Investing in our future
Your donations continue to enhance UT Arllngton's Maverick Spirit

President James D. SpanioloA recent piece in The New York Times Magazine said that whether we're rich, poor, or somewhere in between, Americans aren't giving enough money to philanthropic causes.

If everyone did a little more, the article calculated, we could reduce or eliminate such problems as extreme poverty, world hunger, children who can't afford an education, high youth mortality rates, widespread pandemics, and unsafe drinking water. All, of course, are noble causes.

Closer to home, another noble cause is philanthropic giving to our University. Every day, I'm reminded that the Maverick spirit is a philanthropic spirit. For example, a number of our faculty and staff are giving back to UT Arlington through the Roundhouse Society—which funds scholarships for employees and their children—and the newly established Nedderman Society. (Named in honor of President Emeritus Wendell Nedderman, the Nedderman Society recognizes all employees who donate to UT Arlington.)

Or, consider the many alumni from every college and school, perhaps including you, who are re-engaging in UT Arlington and making a difference for future generations of students, helping ensure that their experience here is as robust (or perhaps even more so!) as yours.

What's happening at UT Arlington is outstanding, and it's only the beginning. Nationally, giving to colleges and universities increased slightly over last year despite fewer alumni donating, according to a study conducted by the Council for Aid to Education. In Texas, state universities large and small—including UT Arlington—have ramped up private fundraising efforts in the face of rising costs and proportionately shrinking state support.

Here are some numbers of which I'm especially proud:

  • At UT Arlington, we have $11 million in new gifts and appreciation, resulting in a 32 percent increase over last year.
  • Thanks in part to our Dial-A-Mav initiative, which allows  UT Arlington alumni to make gifts over the telephone, we have almost 200 first-time donors every month.
  • In recent months, UT Arlington has received generous gifts from such corporations as AT&T, Laerdal, Hill-Rom, Hanson, and many others. 

In other words, we're all working together to help UT Arlington grow. Every gift, no matter how large or small, may help a student pay tuition or buy books, a professor purchase state-of-the-art lab equipment, or bring a guest speaker to campus. That's why I say gifts to UT Arlington are really investments in UT Arlington. Every dollar counts. Every donation makes a difference.

We’re making great strides together, and the pages that follow are proof of that. In this edition of UT Arlington Magazine, we honor our donors—those alumni or friends who choose to stay engaged with the University through their personal philanthropy. I'm proud to recognize this ever-expanding list of women and men. I hope you'll find your name among those listed.

Please consider making a gift, or increasing your giving. An investment in UT Arlington is an investment in our collective future. You can make a difference one student at a time, in the true Maverick spirit.

— James D. Spaniolo

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