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Get MACtive: Shirley Rodnitzky

Shirley Rodnitzky


Exercise classes: 17 types, 50 classes a week
Pounds of free weights: 15,000
Number of cardio machines: 90, including treadmills, striders, stepmills, cycling bikes, ellipticals, treadclimbers and rowing machines
Number of televisions: 49 for personal viewing and 27 flat screens
Number of computers in the Internet cafe: 28



Dr. Frank Lamas

Shirley Rodnitzky

Retired (2002) archivist, Special Collections, UT Arlington Library

Workout schedule:
Flexible, but always twice a week.

Do you work out more now that the MAC has opened?
No, but I definitely enjoy the atmosphere more, and that makes me eager to get there to work out.

What equipment do you use?
I use the Life Fitness weight equipment, about 10 to 12 different machines, then finish on the stationary bicycles for around 15 to 30 minutes.

When working out, do you listen to music or watch TV?
I never listen to music. I do watch TV while on the bicycle. I find that I can cycle more minutes if I'm watching TV.

What shows?
CNN, the Food Channel and HGTV. There's not enough time to watch a complete program, but if there's something interesting on, I stay and cycle until that segment is over.

Favorite features:
I like the way it's organized with all the machines together in one room, tied with the brightness created by the lighting and large windows.

How does this compare to the old facility?
It's like comparing night and day. The other facility's rooms were dark, and the machines and TVs did not always work (early on, there were no TVs). The MAC is light, open, well-planned, well-organized, comfortable and has plenty of equipment.

Describe the MAC in five words or fewer.
Perfect, special, uplifting.

Shirley Rodnitzky

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