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Effort:   Effort is the percentage of time spent towards particular Work-Related Activities, such as sponsored projects, instruction, proposal preparation, or other administrative duties.  Effort is not based  on a 40-hour work week, but is calculated as a percentage based on the total hours spent on work-related duties.   For example, if a person averages 60 hours per week during a reporting period and spends an average of 15 hours on a Sponsored Project, that person has spent 25% effort on the sponsored project and 75% effort on other activities. 

Effort Report(s):   Effort Reports are the mechanism used to provide  a sponsoring agency with a reasonable assurance that salaries paid from a grant are appropriate and reflect a reasonable estimation of the time spent working on the project.

Committed Effort:  The total percent (%) of Effort committed to a sponsored project .  It is the total of Contributed Effort (unpaid by the sponsor) and Effort proposed to be paid from the sponsoring agency.

Contributed Effort:  The percent (%) of Committed Effort that is contributed (to be paid and cost shared) by UT Arlington. 

Effort Training Program:   Every Principal Investigator committing effort to a sponsored program is expected to complete the Time and Effort Training module within the Profile System.  (

Institutional Base Salary (IBS):  Annual compensation paid and guaranteed by UTA for an employee’s appointment, whether that individual’s time is spent on research, teaching, or other activities as defined in the employee’s appointment letter, contract, tenure code, or as established in the appointment process.  IBS excludes any income an employee earns for activities or duties outside of their compensated responsibilities to UTA.  Academic appointments are annualized to determine an IBS monthly rate for quantifying the Committed Effort in proposals.  IBS is the required basis for determining salary in proposal budgets. 

Total Effort:  For any given time period, the total appointed time in the DEFINE payroll system and totality of all Work-Related Activities paid is the Total Effort or 100% effort of the employee.  If an employee is only appointed at 80% time in the payroll system, this appointment or time constitutes that person’s 100% Total Effort.  The total number of hours worked does not affect Total Effort.  For example if a person worked 20 hours or 40 hours a week, either equates to 100% of their Total Effort

Work-Related Activities:  For the context of the Time and Effort Reporting Policy, Work-Related Activities are areas in which faculty time or Total Effort is spent and helps determine the allocation of financial information for determining the university’s Indirect Cost Rate with the Federal Government.  Activities typically include:  Research (sponsored projects), Instruction (teaching/instructing students), Administrative duties (Chair, Dean, Proposal Preparation etc.), and other activities (as assigned).  Only activities for which the employee is paid by the university to perform (as part of IBS) are considered “Work-Related Activities”.  Excluded from Work-Related Activities are fringe benefit payments, reimbursed expenses, temporary or supplemental compensation for incidental work, and any income earned outside of the duties to the institution.