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2012 Texas Medical Research Collaborative Request for Proposals


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2012 Request for Proposals

Submission Process:  The Lead Principal Investigator must submit a signed original version of the complete proposal electronically (pdf format) via email to txmrc@uta.edu with a copy to his or her Institution's Sponsored Projects Office (Grant and Contract Office). Proposals must be received by midnight on February 24th, 2012.

Purpose:  UTA, UTD and UNTHSC together with Texas Instruments and Texas Health Research & Education Institute (THRE) are providing funds to initiate collaborative research to develop medical technologies in critical healthcare areas (TxMRC). Proposed research programs should be in areas of interest to these institutions and suitable for sustained external funding (federal, state, private, etc.). The total amount of funds available for this program is expected to be at least $750,000. This total consists of internal commitments from UTA, UTD, and UNTHSC of $150,000 each to be matched with at least $300,000 in gifts from THRE and TI.

Who can apply:  Proposals require a Research Investigator from two TxMRC institutions (UT Arlington, UT Dallas or UNTHSC). One of these investigators should be designated as the PI and the other(s) as Co-PI(s). In addition, there must a clinical partner included in the project from UNTHSC or THRE. For example, projects with investigators from UTA and UNTHSC are eligible but a project only including investigators from UTA and UTD is not because there needs to be a clinical partner). Only one proposal may be submitted naming a particular faculty investigator (ie. an investigator from UTA, UNTHSC or UTD cannot be named on more than one proposal). THRE clinicians collaborating in the research should be listed as a Co-PI.

Award Amounts:  Requests should be reasonable and justified. The maximum award for each project is $100,000 for one year. The intent is to have an overall equitable distribution to UT Arlington, UNTHSC and UT Dallas however; it is not required at the project level and should be based on the involvement of the collaborators necessary to complete the project. Requests can include the project costs of THRE’s participation where applicable.

Distribution of Funds:  Awarded funds will be distributed to UTA, UNTHSC, and UTD and where applicable THRE according to the scope of work and budget justified in the proposal.

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Policies, Procedures, and Application Instructions

Purpose and Program Scope:

The purpose of this program is to foster collaborative between faculty, staff and clinicians on multiple campuses of the member organizations. This program is intended to enhance opportunities for internal funding that will be matched with the TxMRC Proof of Concept Gift Fund in order to conduct applied medical technology research. It is further intended that this research be translated into a real-life clinical setting that address one or more of the critical medical research priorities of the TxMRC Program. Funded research projects are restricted to the broad area of medical technologies and should be in areas of interest to healthcare providers and allied industries.

Eligibility and Limitations:

All faculty members who are eligible to apply for external support of any kind (e.g., private industry, government) at their respective TxMRC Institutions may submit a joint proposal involving multiple TxMRC Institutions. Proposals are restricted to the obligated research committed by their respective TxMRC Institutions (up to $150,000 for each TxMRC Institution) and possible gift funding that may be available through third party sources through the TxMRC Proof of Concept Gift Fund. Joint proposals require at least one investigator from at least two TxMRC Institutions (UTA, UTD or UNTHSC). In addition, there must a clinical partner included in the project from UNTHSC or THRE. A lead principal investigator (PI) must be a faculty or staff member at a participating TxMRC Institution that is an institution of higher education. Staff at participating TxMRC Institutions that are not institutions of higher education may participate as co-PIs. The grant proposal should be submitted by the Lead PI listing the other investigators as co-principal investigators. Only one proposal may be submitted naming a particular investigator (i.e., an investigator cannot be named on more than one proposal).

Review Procedures and Evaluation Criteria:

Each Vice President for Research or equivalent of a TxMRC Institution will select one or more Reviewers to score and rank each TxMRC Proposal submitted by any TxMRC Institution for the TxMRC Program. As a result of their Reviewer’s scores or ranking, each TxMRC Institution will provide ONE summary ranking for all the submitted TxMRC Proposals to the TxMRC Executive Committee. The TxMRC Institution’s ranking will be used by the TxMRC Executive Committee for overall proposal ranking taking into consideration the number of allocated votes to the institution.

Each TxMRC Institution of higher education making a full Institutional Internal Obligation of $150,000 will be allocated one (1) TxMRC Executive Committee member. Additionally, each private entity making a contribution of at least $150,000 to the TxMRC Proof of Concept Gift Fund will be allocated one TxMRC Executive Committee member. The TxMRC Executive Committee will make all final grant funding decisions. The Proof of Concept Gift Fund will be distributed evenly by weighted average as a match to TxMRC Proposals selected for funding.

Submitted proposals will be evaluated using a 100-point system. Scoring will apply to the following proposal attributes (maximum score in parentheses). A proposal may have multiple reviewers but just ONE composite Score and ranking will be supplied to the Executive Committee from the reviewing organization.
  1. Scientific/Scholarly Merit (maximum 55 points)
    Specifically, the areas to be evaluated under this heading are: originality, technical soundness, merits of the collaborative approach and how it addresses a critical need, research plan, availability of facilities needed to conduct the research, and appropriateness of budget.
  2. Qualifications of the Investigators (maximum 15 points)
    Specific items to be evaluated under this heading are: experience in the field, synergism in discipline, grant funding record, publication record, and collaboration record.
  3. Potential for External Funding: (maximum 30 points)
    Specifically, the areas to be evaluated under this heading are: impact of proposed research with targeted initiatives of a federal agency or private agency, plan for obtaining support to continue the research, and, if applicable, the relationship of the proposed work to a response obtained from an agency on a reviewed, but unfunded proposal or white paper.

Award Period:

One year, starting on or about June 1st of the year of award.

TxMRC Budget Allocations:

Awarded projects will be budgeted by the each respective TxMRC Institutions according to the scope of work and budget justified in the proposal. The distribution of matching gift funds will be handled through each TxMRC Institution’s Development Office or equivalent as an irrevocable restricted gift towards its institutions’ TxMRC projects. No funds will be distributed to investigators at a TxMRC Institution until all requirements of the TxMRC Program have been met, including regulatory requirements at that TxMRC Institution (IRB approval, IACUC approved protocols, biosafety review, safety training, Conflict of Interest disclosures, and the like).

Project Carryovers:

No carryovers beyond the project end date will be allowed. All unspent funds at a TxMRC Institution at the end of the grant period will revert back to the respective TxMRC Institution’s development fund designated for the TxMRC Program.

TxMRC Budget Request:

TxMRC projects are intended to encourage and fund collaborative projects at multiple TxMRC Institutions. Requests should be reasonable and justified, and are not to exceed $100,000 for each project (with an equitable split between or among TxMRC Institutions). For a proposal with exceptional merit and with high potential of attracting immediate federal funding, it is possible for granting one such proposal with a greater amount. Each TxMRC Institution will obligate funds to investigators at their TxMRC Institution. It is expected that PIs will propose budgets equitably distributed between TxMRC Institutions. Amounts awarded may differ from submitted budget requests at the discretion of the TxMRC Executive Committee.

Award Bonuses:

During the course of the grant period, should a joint federal grant proposal be submitted relating to the funded project, or as an outcome of the funded project, a bonus of $2,000 will be provided to the project team from each TxMRC Institution participating in the submission. These bonus funds can be carried forward into the next year, and can be used at the discretion of the investigators (subject to the policies and procedures of the TxMRC Institution).

TxMRC Budgets:

Separate budgets will be submitted detailing the amounts requested for each TxMRC Institution involved in the proposal. Funds may be utilized for direct expenditures beneficial to the research in the following allowed categories under this program:
  1. Personnel Support: Funds can be used for Post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate student assistantships, as well as for technical staff. No support for Faculty Salaries are permitted.
  2. Expendable scientific items, services and equipment maintenance needed for the execution of the proposed research project.
  3. Equipment: modest amounts may be considered.
  4. Publication expenses
  5. Travel necessary for the conduct of research
  6. Tuition
Funds may not be budgeted or used for the following:
  1. Faculty salaries
  2. Travel to conferences, workshops, etc.
  3. Building construction, alteration, renovation, rent, or utilities
  4. Membership dues
  5. Overhead
  6. Non-TxMRC Institution personnel

TxMRC Institutional Requirements:

The Lead PI on the proposal will be responsible for monitoring research progress and providing institutional reports. All Reports shall be submitted through the Sponsored Research Office of the respective TxMRC Institution employing a PI or co-PI on an awarded project. A project mid-year and final report shall consist of a statement of the research objective, and a brief summary of the research progress to date, including any notations or comments if appropriate on anticipated progress, or pending publications or patent applications, and identification of then-confidential or non-public information that ought not be disclosed without further review. The final report also requires a list of publications resulting from the grant, and a list of External Agencies to whom grant requests were submitted (PIs, amount, duration, etc.), and comments on confidentiality, pending patent applications, and timing of public release of some or all the report contents. A copy of a non-confidential version of the final report is due to txmrc@uta.edu 30 days after receipt of the report by the Sponsored Projects Office along with any non-confidential summaries of inventions generated during the course of the research.

Submission Deadline:

The Lead Principal Investigator must submit a signed original version of the complete proposal electronically (pdf format) via email to txmrc@uta.edu with a copy to his or her Institution’s Sponsored Projects Office (Grant and Contract Office). Proposals must be received by midnight on February 24th 2012..

The Lead Principal Investigator is responsible for verifying that submitted proposals have been received by txmrc@uta.edu.

Award Notifications:

Awards will be announced on or around April 1st of the Program Year with a project year of 6/1/2012 - 5/31/2013.


The Lead PIs are responsible for completing and filing a mid-year report by December 15th of the initial program year and a final report by June 30th of the year following the program year. These reports are to be provided to their respective Sponsored Projects Office (Grant and Contracts Office). A non-confidential report will be forwarded to txmrc@uta.edu by the TxMRC Institution within 30 days of receipt of a mi-year or final report.

There will be two public presentations for each TxMRC project. The TxMRC PI(s) and their teams will be expected to participate in the presentations.

Inventions and Discoveries:

All inventions and discoveries during the course of a TxMRC Program funded project will be governed by US patent law. Invention disclosures should be submitted by inventors to their respective Technology Management Office. Inter-institutional Agreements (IIA) will be executed by collaborating institutions on how they will handle joint inventions, etc.

Grant Application:

The application must include one original on 8 1/2” x 11” white paper single sided using a font size no smaller than 11pt. The application must contain the following components:
  1. Title page using the program Template with a scientific summary
  2. Description of the project, not to exceed five pages, including figures, tables, etc.
  3. Cited references for the project (not to exceed two additional pages)
  4. A two-page biographical sketch for each principal investigator in a consistent format (NSF or NIH format), including a list of current funding.
  5. Two or more budget pages with the budget broken out separately on each page for each collaborating TxMRC Institution. Budgets should be allocated equitably among institutions.
An application kit (cover page) and a budget template can be downloaded from the Web site of the Sponsored Projects Office of a participating TxMRC Institution.

Program Duration:

The TxMRC Program is reviewed annually for possible renewal or extension. No extension is guaranteed. The level of success, as measured by the number of proposals submitted for external funding and commercialization activities, may dictate the possible continuance of the TxMRC Program in future years.

Other Questions or Concerns:

Additional questions or concerns not addressed or clarified here should be directed to your VP for Research Office, Sponsored Projects Office, or to j.forsberg@uta.edu.
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