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About Us

Grants & Contract Services (GCS)
Grant & Contract Services works with University faculty and staff throughout the campus in the identification of potential funding sources and development of proposals for sponsored projects in all areas such as research, education, training, curriculum development, equipment acquisition, public service and, occasionally, institutional and departmental activities. Learn more >

Regulatory Services (RS)

The Office of Regulatory Services supports comprehensive programs of academic research by assuring institutional and investigator compliance with applicable regulations, policies, and industry standards while engaged in regulated research or scholarly activities. Learn more >

Technology Management (OTM)

The Office of Technology Management serves as a gateway between University technologies, the faculty, staff, and students at UT Arlington, and industry partners, increasing the quality, quantity, and effectiveness of UT Arlington research. Learn more >


Center Of Innovation



Shimadzu Institute


Arlington Chamber of Commerce


J.C. Chiao


Technology Meets Passion

Dr. J.C. Chiao is pioneering the use of RFID (tiny, wireless, battery-free sensors commonly used in retail stores and the defense industry) for medical research.

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