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Sponsered Specific Information


CPRIT Specific Requirements

Financial Considerations:

  • Carry-forward for all awards require agency approval starting in Year 02. (Section 3.13)
  • All budget modifications must be submitted to CPRIT. If the transfer is less than 10% of the total award we can approve it locally but CPRIT will need to update their budgets. Send all budget modifications to Post Award for review and submission. (Section 3.06)
  • Financial reports are for expenses only. If an invoice that belongs in Year 01 is paid after the budget period has ended it will be included in the Year 02 report. Accruals and encumbrances will not be reflected on financial reports. This makes it very important to get expenses processed as soon as possible. (Section 3.03)
  • Travel Expenses must be in accordance with the approved budget. Prior written approval by CPRIT is needed before travel that exceeds the amount included in the approved budget commences.

Matching Funds:

  • UTA will need to provide documentation to CPRIT at year end that funds were expended on an award in the same area of cancer research for the amount certified at the project initiation 3.5%  (to meet the match amount not met by our unrecovered IDC).
  • Please note we will need to identify a project for this same purpose at Year 2 as well.   


  • CPRIT must be notified of all scholarly presentations or publications related to this funding that have been accepted for public disclosure and you need to fprovide final copies of any presentations and publications to CPRIT. (Section 9.04(c)).
  • Recipients are required to submit an electronic version of their final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from CPRIT funds to the digital archive National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication. These papers must be accessible to the public on PubMed no later than 12 months after publication (Section 9.05). Please note –although many journals automatically submit publications to PubMed,  if a peer reviewed journal does not do the submission for you, you as the PI are responsible for this ultimate submission. You will be asked for the “PubMed ID” for each publication you list on your annual progress report.

Conflict of Interest:

Intellectual Property:

Please make certain you also review the entire contract (attached) at your convenience. Please note, CPRIT requires an annual program specific audit.

Other useful resources:

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Please feel free to contact our office if you have questions or concerns.