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Salary Rates

The applicant should request salary support for any personnel who will be working full- or part-time on the project.  The amount of time an individual will spend on the project is expressed as a percentage or calendar months of effort.  The sponsor will usually indicate if there are any restrictions associated with the level of support that can be requested (such as a dollar amount or the number of months/percent effort).   Overtime compensation or salary supplementation is usually unallowable.

• Calculation. Salary requests are calculated by multiplying the 12-month institutional base salary by the percent effort devoted to the project. The 12-month institutional base salary can be deciphered from the 9-month academic salary by dividing the academic salary by 9 then multiplying that number by 12.  

• Person Months. To calculate person months from percent effort, multiply the percentage of your effort associated with the project times the number of months of your appointment. For example:

25% of a 9 month academic year appointment equals 2.25 (AY) person months (9 x .25= 2.25)

10% of a 12 month calendar appointment equals 1.2 (CY) person months (12 x .10 = 1.2)

35% of a 3 month summer term appointment equals 1.05 (SM) person months (3 x .35= 1.05)