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NIH accepts multi-institution proposals as a single administrative unit with one institution as the lead and other institutions in the role of subcontractors or “consortiums”. On NIH proposals involving more than one institution, the following is required from each subcontractor:

   NIH Face Page – NIH Form Page 1
   NIH summary page/statement of work with only the subcontractor’s tasks and personnel on the project – NIH Form Page 2
   Initial year budget – NIH Form Page 4.
   Detailed budget – NIH Form Page 5.
   NIH formatted Biosketch
   NIH checklist
   NIH Statement of Intent to Establish a Consortium (optional when face page present)
   Letter of Collaboration from the subcontractor PI (optional)

Fully signed faxes of the above are acceptable, provided they are legible, however, the originals should be provided whenever possible. The NIH forms, as well as the Intent to Establish a Consortium can be found in Adobe PDF format here.