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NSF Proposal

NSF has two separate methods for the submission of proposals with multiple institutions involved. A specific NSF solicitation may require that multi-institution proposals be submitted in a “single administrative package”. These proposals are referred to as a “Single Submission”. If the solicitation does not require a specific submission method, Simultaneous Submission (Collaborative) is the preferred. Collaborative submissions do not require subcontracts, each institution submits its proposal when it is ready and each institution receives its own award to administer.


Method 1: Single Submission
Single submissions require one proposal package with one institution taking the lead role and the other institutions as subcontractors. Subcontractor PI's are NOT listed on the proposal cover page unless the NSF solicitation specifically requires it. They are however listed as the PI of their Institution.

  • We need from the subcontractors:
    • Letter of Commitment signed by the subcontractor’s authorized official
    • Signed NSF budget pages (one for each year of the budget & one cumulative)
    • Budget justification
    • Biosketches
    • Current and Pending Support
    • Facilities & Resources
  • It is helpful if the PI assigns a PIN # to the proposal in FastLane so each institution can go in and upload their budget, biosketches, Current & Pending Support, and Facilities & Resources forms
  • The PI needs to provide them the PIN # and proposal #
  • The letter of commitment is uploaded in supplementary document section
  • The cumulative total of all subcontracts should be entered onto our budget pages under the “Subawards” category.
  • UTA is responsible for the submission of the proposal

Method 2: Simultaneous Submissions (Collaborative)
With simultaneous submissions each institution receives a separate award and there are no subcontracts are involved. To view the entire linked proposal package, you must select “Print Entire Proposal” from the print menu. The entire proposal package will be shown with the unique proposal ID of each institution on the bottom right hand corner of their pages.

  • Multiple institutions submit their own proposal with one institution taking the lead role
  • Each institution creates its own unique proposal in FastLane
  • The non-lead institutions will provide the lead institution with their proposal # and PIN #, the lead institution will then link to non-lead institution using those numbers.
  • The titles of all proposals must be identical and begin with “Collaborative Research” in the title. If a specific solicitation requires that a title begin in a certain way, then “Collaborative Research” should follow the requirement set by the program. For example: “REU Site: Collaborative Research: Title of Proposal”
  • The lead institution is responsible for uploading:
    • The project summary
    • Project narrative
    • References cited
    • All other proposal sections (their information only)
  • The non-lead institutions will fill out all sections of their proposal with their information only
  • The following sections should be left blank:
    • Project summary
    • Description
    • Narrative with their University’ s info
  • Upon submission, FastLane will warn that the above sections have not been filled out. This warning should be ignored.
  • No signed documents are required from the non-lead institutions
  • Each institution is responsible for submission of its proposal. The proposals should be submitted prior to the deadline and within a reasonable time of each other, but not necessarily the same time
  • Each institution is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their proposals