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STEM Tuition

UT Arlington has instituted the STEM Tuition Remission program for all PhD seeking students within the Colleges of Engineering and Science. Therefore, all proposals that include PhD level Graduate Research Assistants meeting the criteria of the program must include the cost of all tuition and fees, with the exception of statutory tuition and course specific incidental fees, for eligible students in the budget. The only allowed exceptions are if the sponsoring agency does not allow tuition and fees, or the project is a training grant (training grants follow the established guidelines of the sponsor and include the actual charging of tuition and fees). Current rates can be found at the following link for both the College of Science and Engineering:

For the most current information please visit the Provost Website

The tuition fellowship amount for any Ph.D.-level or BS-Ph.D. track Graduate Assistant shall be included, where allowable, in the budgets of externally funded grants and contracts. Grant or Contract expiration during a semester will not cause ineligibility. Students appointed on grants and contracts will have their eligible tuition charged to the grant in direct proportion of their appointment to the grant account(s) in which they are appointed.

The amount budgeted for tuition and fees should be included in the "Other Costs" category of most standard federal forms and should be excluded from the facilities and administrative cost base total. Tuition and Fee Waivers (Tuition Remission) are not to be budgeted under the "Tuition", "Stipend", or "Participant Support" budget categories on most standard federal budget forms as these are reserved for other functions or training grants where tuition and fees are paid by the sponsor regardless of work performed on the project. The following budget justification for the "Other" category is recommended:

"Science and Engineering Doctoral Research Assistants at The University of Texas at Arlington include remission of certain tuition and fees paid by the University. These costs will be charged in accordance with OMB Circular A-21 and are excluded from the facilities and administrative cost base. These costs are expected to increase at the rate of 5 percent per year."