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Breeding Colony Management

PI-Managed Breeding Colonies: Animal Care Rates and Fees

Principal investigators may establish a breeding colony after submission of a protocol application and approval by the IACUC.  Once approved, the PI will provide oversight of the protocol including responsibility for the welfare of the animals, proper recordkeeping, and reporting of animal usage to the IACUC.  The University has established the following rate and fee schedule for PI-Managed Breeding Colonies:

  • PIs will obtain approval for and establish a breeding colony, with assistance from ACF Manager/Veterinarian as necessary.
  • PIs will maintain accurate recordkeeping and animal census records of the breeding colony.
  • PIs will record the date (on a dedicated log sheet) when an animal is transferred from the breeding protocol to an active research protocol.
  • Upon transfer, PIs will update/change the animal cage cards to reflect the new protocol number.
  • PIs will report these transfers/recordkeeping to the ACF Manager upon request, to correctly calculate PI’s per diem charges.
  • At the time of transfer, an initial fee will be assessed of:  $7.50 for (1) rat, and $1.50 for (1) mouse.  This initial fee helps cover housing and husbandry costs incurred before the time of transfer.
  • Following the transfer from the breeding colony, the animal(s) will begin to accrue daily per diem charges at the regular rates (consult chart above).  Census records will be kept as usual by ACF Staff.
  • The transfer fees + daily per diem charges will be billed together on the normal per diem billing schedule.

PIs will be responsible for reporting animal use numbers on a continuing basis to the IACUC, via the annual report.

Please note: There is a separate UTA IACUC Breeding Protocol Application Form.