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Animal Care Facility Access

Any individual seeking access to the animal care facility must have a justifiable reason. They must meet at least one of the following descriptions to have total access into the facility:

  • A principal investigator, co-investigator, research assistant or student listed on an IACUC-approved protocol
  • A member of the IACUC or ACF staff
  • Designated emergency personnel
  • Institutional Official for Animal Care
  • Federal, state, or local inspecting agencies

If at least one of the descriptions above has been met, the following steps must be taken to obtain access to the facility:

  1. New faculty must have an approved IACUC protocol to obtain access to the facility. Students must be listed on a faculty-sponsored IACUC protocol under the "Personnel" section. If they are not, the student must be added to the protocol via email request submitted to or by the faculty Principal Investigator.
  2. Faculty and students seeking access to the Animal Facility must complete the Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ) and immunization requirements. For instructions, please click here. Please note that new protocols and amendments cannot be approved until training requirements have been met.
  3. Once an individual is listed on an IACUC-approved protocol (or has been added via email request from the PI) and has completed all training and immunization requirements, they can contact the Animal Care Facility Manager to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, a photo ID badge will be created (this is different than the MavCard) and the individual's MavCard will be activated for access to the animal facility.
  4. Rules and Terms of Access:
    • The photo ID badge must be worn at all times while in the Facility to indicate authorization.
    • Do not allow entry of other individuals into the Facility that do not have authorized access. Access is restricted to ensure the safety of the animals and people working in the Facility. Those who fail to adhere to the restrictions will have their access terminated immediately, and their faculty sponsor and department Chair will also be notified.
    • Food and beverages are not allowed for storage or consumption anywhere in the Facility except in the designated lounge area located near the front entrance of the Facility.
    • Visitors are only allowed under special circumstances and must adhere to the following procedures:
      • The faculty sponsor must approve of the visit and be present during the visit.
      • The visit must be for a justifiable reason.
      • The visit must take place during normal business hours, between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
      • The visit must be for a brief time period and the visitor must not appear as if they are collaborating or working on any animal research protocol (individuals conducting work with animals must be listed as personnel on a UTA IACUC-approved protocol).
      • You must notify the ACF Manager ( or 817-272-5236) in advance so that she can be available for sign in procedures. The ACF Manager will issue a special Visitor Pass.
      • The visitor must wear the Visitor Pass at all times inside the Facility.
      • The Visitor Pass must be returned to the ACF Manager at the end of the visit. These passes are numbered and individuals will be contacted if a pass is not returned.
    • Do not prop open any doors in the Facility. A silent alarm will be activated and Campus Police will automatically respond.
    • For animal health emergencies, a phone contact list is located on the inside door of animal housing areas.
    • MSDS information is kept outside the lounge area located near the front entrance of the Facility.