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Authorization To Work With Animals

Instructions for authorization - Individuals conducting research with animals must be listed in the authorized personnel section of an animal research protocol, or be added to a previously-approved protocol.

  1. For students or personnel being added to an existing approved protocol, please contact your faculty supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) to initiate the submission of a request. The PI must send an email request to or in order for personnel to be added to a protocol. Although a Protocol or request for addition of personnel may be submitted before the following steps have been completed, they will not be granted final approval (and work with animals may not begin) until all the requirements below have been met. Procedures for obtaining IACUC approval.
  2. Complete the required training modules (available online). Although there are other types of training modules available at this site, there is no requirement to complete them all - simply complete the modules required for your research as detailed in the instructions.
  3. Obtain a tetanus immunization. For students, this immunization is offered by UTA Health Services on campus, or you may submit a record from your personal physician or another source. The tetanus immunization must be less than 10 years old. During the medical evaluation process, you may be requested to obtain additional immunizations based on a risk assessment of your health history and work conditions.
  4. Complete and submit to the Occupational Health Nurse both the Medical Health Questionnaire and a copy of your Tetanus Immunization Record (For more details including methods of sending the documents click here).
  5. The Occupational Health Nurse will review your information and working conditions and conduct a risk assessment. You may be contacted for additional questions or follow-up. Depending on this assessment, you may be required to perform additional training, obtain additional immunizations, or be instructed to follow certain procedures or utilize specific personal protective equipment (PPE). These instructions will be communicated to you directly by the Occupational Health Nurse.
  6. Complete the Hands-On Training and Orientation. This training is offered by appointment from the Animal Care Facility Manager. To schedule an appointment, email or call 817-272-5236. (The medical evaluation process with the Occupational Health Nurse must be completed before scheduling Hands-On Training and Orientation.)
  7. Once all the above requirements have been satisfied, you will be eligible to obtain authorization to work with animals and receive card access to the Animal Care Facility.
    1. Your request to be included / added to the authorized personnel of an animal research protocol will be processed for approval (see Step #1). Students and Personnel - please coordinate with your faculty supervisor or PI when they receive the official approval from the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC).
    2. After you have been approved to be added to a research protocol, you may contact the Animal Care Facility Manager to set up an appointment to obtain your photo ID badge and activate your Mav Card access to the animal facility. To arrange an appointment, email or call 817-272-5236.



For questions pertaining to occupational health and safety (medical evaluation, health information, immunization requirements, health and safety protective measures), please contact the Occupational Health Nurse, Ms. Dolores Aguilar at or 214-505-7660.

For questions pertaining to authorization for working with animals or conducting animal research (IACUC procedures, training requirements, submitting research Protocols or Amendments), please contact the Office of Regulatory Services at or 817-272-3723.

For questions pertaining to the Animal Care Facility (obtaining card access, hands-on training and orientation), please contact the Animal Care Facility Manager at or 817-272-5236.

** Checklist for Authorization to Work with Animals **

Completed Online Training Modules
Obtained Tetanus Immunization
Completed Medical Health Questionnaire (MHQ)
Submitted Tetanus record and MHQ to Nurse
Completed Hands-On Training/Orientation
Included/Added in Personnel of Approved Animal Research Protocol (See Step #1)