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IACUC Review Procedures

Initial Review of Animal Research

Faculty, staff and students wishing to use animal subjects must first obtain approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The first step in the process is to submit a Protocol Application for Use of Vertebrate Animals to the IACUC through the Office of Research Administration:

•  E-mail to or   

• Fax to 817-272-4732

• Drop off at 202 E. Border St., Suite 300

•  Mail to Box 19188                                        

Please NOTE that there is a separate IACUC Breeding Protocol Application Form.

The second step is to complete the online animal care training and complete immunization requirements.

Once Research Administration receives the protocol, it will be scheduled for review at the next full board IACUC meeting [see IACUC Meeting schedule]. When reviewing an animal protocol, the IACUC considers the rationale and purpose of the proposed use of animals; justification of the species and number of animals requested; availability of less-invasive procedures and other species; safety of the working environment for personnel involved in the activity; adequacy of training and experience of personnel in the procedures to be used with the animals; appropriate sedation, analgesia, anesthesia, euthanasia, and surgical procedures; and, the unnecessary duplication of experiments.

The Principal Investigator or a representative of the research should attend the meeting to address any concerns or questions of the IACUC. If the PI or representative fails to attend, this can result in the protocol being tabled until the next scheduled IACUC meeting. Once the review is complete the researcher will be notified in writing by the committee Chair of the IACUC’s decision.

Annual and Triennial Review of Approved Animal Research

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the PHS require continuing review of animal research by the IACUC. To satisfy this requirement, all active animal research protocols are required to meet two types of continuing review: (1) Annual Reviews and (2) Triennial Reviews. Annual reviews are accomplished through submission and approval of an Annual Report (USDA-covered species) or an Annual Protocol Follow-Up (all other species). Triennial Reviews take place at the end of the 3-year approval of a protocol (and in 3-year increments thereafter) and are accomplished through submission and approval of a Triennial Report; at that time a full review of the research and its status is conducted by the IACUC, including review of the research objectives and justification for continued use of animals.

Continuing review must be completed and approved by the anniversary date of original IACUC approval of the study. Continuing review of the protocol serves as a progress report and provides the researcher with an opportunity to update animal usage and report adverse events, as well as refinements to the procedures proposed in the approved protocol. If expiration of approval occurs, all activities involving the use of animals must cease immediately. The research will not be allowed to commence until a new protocol has been submitted, reviewed, and approved by the IACUC. Any animals covered by this protocol will be transferred to the UTA holding protocol and may not be used for experiments or observation by investigators or research personnel. Per federal regulations and UTA’s Animal Welfare Assurance, there are no exceptions and no extensions of approval granted by the IACUC. If a protocol has expired and the use of animals continues, this is considered to be a violation of federal regulations that govern the use of animals in research. Such violations must be reported to the federal government and to University officials. This could result in termination of external and University funding and/or disciplinary action.

Review of Amendments/Changes to Approved Animal Research

The IACUC must review any modifications to approved animal research.  The Principal Investigator is responsible for notifying the IACUC of any proposed major changes in approved animal studies, before initiation.  For example, the PI shall submit an Amendment Form for IACUC review before implementation of any of the following:
  1. A change in project title.
  2. A change of funding agency.
  3. A change of number of animals (request for additional animals).
  4. A change or addition of procedures.
  5. A change or addition of animal species.

The PI may request to add or remove personnel by sending an email to or Approval will be granted administratively once all immunization and training requirements have been met.

For more information, please also see UTA's Handbook of IACUC Policies and Procedures.