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XIV. Collaborative Research Projects

UTA IRB review is required for all human subject research projects in which UTA faculty, staff, or students are engaged in the research, including projects with a collaborating institute. In general, an institute (either UTA or the collaborator) is considered engaged in a research project when its agents for the purposes of the research project obtain: (1) Data about the subjects of the research through intervention or interaction with them; (2) identifiable private information about the subjects of the research; or, (3) The informed consent of human subjects for the research.

Multi-center research may be eligible for an acknowledgement agreement, which can allow investigators who are conducting a research project at UTA and other institution(s) to request that participating institution(s) IRB rely on the review of one IRB, the “IRB of Record.”

UTA has a reciprocity agreement with the following institutes:

(i) All UT System universities and health science centers

(ii) University of North Texas Health Science Center

For these institutes, UTA is prepared to accept and acknowledge the approval determination of the collaborating institute IRB as the “IRB of Record.” In order to formally document that the collaborating institute will be the “IRB of Record,” the UTA IRB Staff will be responsible for submitting the “Institutional Agreement” form to the collaborating IRB. This form will be signed by the signatory official or the signatory official’s designee at both institutions. The collaborating institute may need to add this form and the reciprocity agreement as a modification to the approved protocol. The researcher would then submit an acknowledgment request to the UTA IRB through the online protocol submission system including all approved study application documents (as approved by the collaborating institution) to the UTA IRB for completion review. Example study application documents include the protocol, informed consent, recruitment material, the signed “Institutional Agreement” form (signed by the signatory official or the signatory official designee), and the IRB approval letter from the collaborating institution. Once the UTA IRB has received this study submission in the online system, the IRB is then able to accept this study as an acknowledgment at UTA.

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